Top 5 Best Download Manager Software

Have been wondering to get the downloading of apps faster and easier? Well, you are at the right place because we bring you with top 5 best download manager software.

Many would believe that having a browser is the best solution that has for downloading appealing stuff like apps, videos, audios, etc. on the internet. But we would suggest that best download managers give you control over download in a way that is compared to nothing to browsers.

Download managers are, however, essential window software. These software lets you manage to download in the best possible way. If you have been using a browser instead of a download manager, you would have realized that it takes much longer, and downloading often gets jammed.

Features of Best Download Manager Software

As discussed, earlier download manager software is the best when it comes to features and functioning. Let’s give you an overview of what advantages these software’s come with.

  • These software lets you download files and apps at a much faster speed.
  • Offers you support for pausing, resuming, or canceling the download.
  • You get to prioritize your downloads.
  • Saves you from any virus threats by automatic antivirus checking.
  • Moreover, your download manager offers a built-in scheduler.
  • Allow you to resume your interrupted downloads.
  • 10x Faster Download speed than any browsers.
  • Creates multiple connections with the server to download faster.

When choosing the best download manager software, things get a little nasty. This is because the internet is flooded with hundreds of software and each one of these claims to be the best. However, trying them might disappoint you and you end up dropping the idea about going for download manager only because you didn’t get to have the right one.

List of 5 Best Download Manager Software

This is where we come to give you a hand. We have compiled a list of the best download manager software. The list is based on our personal experiences and research.

  1. Internet Download Manager
  2. Free Download Manager
  3. BitComet
  4. EagleGet Download Accelerator
  5. Ninja Download Manager

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1. Internet Download Manager

Internet download manager

Internet download manager is probably the most popular software that pops up at the top of your research results. With IDM you get to boost your download to five times a speed of an ordinary browser. It enables you to schedule and resumes your downloads.

Guess what? IDM would not disappoint you in any way be it its comprehensive data recovery, ability to download files dynamically, or its resuming feature. It’s been and still is the best download manager software. Moreover, it has a simple and easy graphical user interface. Therefore, you would not have to worry about its functioning.

When discussing IDM’S features, it has many. It fetches download links from web pages, provides different options for download queues, manages batch downloads, and much more. Not just this, but IDM proves to be efficient support for proxy servers like HTTP, MP3 audio, and FTP.


  • IDM comes with a contextual help feature that brings you help if you have got stuck. All you would have to do is press “F1”.
  • It downloads files like video and audio quite instantly.
  • IDM integrates pretty well with almost every browser.
  • It offers 30 days free trial so that you could check it’s working and then avail it.
  • IDM has high-speed background downloading.


  • IDM doesn’t have that intuitive setup.


$11.95 per year for 1 PC and $24.95 for lifetime activation. If you require IDM for more than one PC then your per PC price will be reduced to $9.95 for a year and $19.95 for a lifetime license.

2. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager software

Free Download Manager is yet another software that eases your experience of downloading files or apps. With this software, you get to download files from multiple sources. Moreover, FDM has quite a history, earlier it was released as a propriety software. However, now it is used under the license of General Public License.

Guess what? Free Download Manager allows you to control file priorities, adjust traffic usage, download large files efficiently, organize downloads, and resume broken downloads. Its functioning is pretty straightforward. However, if you encounter any problem or an issue you can always utilize projects forums.

Free Download Manager comes featured with many distinguishing features. These features include BitTorrent Support, Splitting of files into several sections, powerful schedular, audio/video file support, smart file management, and many others. Moreover, it is quite capable to spider the sites so that specific files could be downloaded.


  • This download manager software is completely free of cost.
  • It claims to support both Windows and macOS.
  • You get to have efficient, safe and fast downloading.
  • It comes with proxy support.
  • You get to download the files simultaneously.


  • It doesn’t seem to have any limitations.


Free Download Manager offers its services completely free of cost.

3. BitComet


BitComet is more of a torrent download software which makes it worth giving a try. Its interface links to multiple torrent sites to let you perform efficient searching. Not just this but BitComet is quite capable to perform FTP and HTTP downloads. Moreover, it lets you do instant download and resumes file downloading without any delay that might occur because of file scans.

BitComet is an essential torrent download manager that has enough features to make downloading much easier and faster. One of its features that we found even more fascinating is its ability to resume download even if you have to restart your PC.

You can even use download prioritizing to make sure that BitComet downloads particular files before others. Moreover, you would not have to worry that BitComet might slow down your internet speed because it configures automatically to suit your internet connection.


  • BitComet comes with long-tern seeding.
  • You get to see the preview of the downloading.
  • It comes with intelligent disk caching.
  • BitComet comes featured with tagging and favoriting options.
  • It is a fast and powerful download manager.


  • Its visual appearance is not that appealing.


This wonderful download manager software is free of cost.

4. EagleGet Download Accelerator

EagleGet Download Accelerator program

EagleGet is yet another best download manager that comes with exceptional downloading speed. This is a completely secure software that prevents your system from any malicious software. It is quite capable of downloading files from multiple locations without being slowed by slow servers.

Moreover, with EagleGet you get to customize the themes with solid colors. You can even add custom images to the background. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that fetches videos from multiple streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. using Media Grabber. It provides ease of access for Windows users.

With EagleGet you get to further improve your privacy by using the “Help Us Improve EagleGet” feature. You can add URLs or let this wonderful software do this job for your automatically. This software is even available online and is full of features just like other download managers. File integrity is very important during downloading. Therefore, EagleGet ensures integrity so that files not get corrupted.


  • With EagleGet you get to download videos from YouTube.
  • It comes with flexible configuration and notification.
  • EagleGet has a customizable user interface.
  • It comes featured with the Batch downloads function with clipboard capture.
  • You get to import download lists from other download managers.
  • It supports MMS, RTSP, HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS.
  • It offers drag and support so that you could rearrange priority of downloads.


  • EagleGet is available only for Windows operating systems.


EagleGet is completely free download manager software.

5. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager software

The last software we have got on our list is Ninja Download Manager. It is the most recent software that has a modern user interface. Its functioning is quite unique because it downloads your files by splitting them into smaller and more manageable files. You can even change its theme to suit your interest.

With Ninja Download Manager you get to set download priorities and schedule the downloads. This allows files you be downloaded sequentially. It supports videos of about 1080p resolution from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You get to preview the downloading audio or video even before it’s completely downloaded.

Ninja Download manager comes featured with many distinguishing features. Automatic virus scanning is just to name the one that makes sure to keep your system secure. It is clean and quite simple to navigate. You get to use features like a speed limit option and a built-in media converter that hardly any other software might offer.


  • Ninja Download Manager comes with clipboard monitoring.
  • It comes with a pause and resumes download feature.
  • You to preview the sequential downloads.
  • It allows you to save downloads to your download list.
  • You get to add multiple downloads using NDM’s powerful multi-ad screen.
  • Ninja Download Manager is quite capable to control connections per download
  • You get to download using Socks4, HTTP, etc. proxy servers.


  • Its standard interface is not that appealing.


Ninja Download Manager offers its services for free.

Final Thoughts About Top 5 Best Download Manager Software

From the above discussion, you would have realized how important it becomes to have a download manager that only performs efficient downloads. But also keep your PC secure by preventing corrupted files to infect your system. Therefore, now is the time for you to switch from ordinary browsers to more smart downloads managers.

The list you have just gone through is proved to be the best. However, if you don’t want to spend money you can go for the free software to get your job done. Free Download Manager, EagleGet, BitComet and Ninja offer their services completely free of cost. The remaining one is paid but its absolutely worth it considering the features they come with.

We have specified the pros and cons of each of these software so that you can easily decide on the one that appeals to you the most. Hence, the provided list of best download manager software is completely reliable.

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