Top 10 Free Data Recovery Software

Recovering lost files from your PC or mobile phone is no more an issue. Here, we will be providing you a detailed review regarding some best free data recovery software that you can use. Because now you have free data recovery software available in your hands, and you should go for it.

Don’t get yourself troubled with the thought that your precious school or college memories are lost. Or your important office data is nowhere to be found. Data recovery software a specially designed application to provide you the resolution for such problems.

You may encounter a problem when you can’t track your important files may be because a cyber attack trashed your files or forgot to create a backup. In any such case, you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is, install this free data recovery software and get your files restored in a much limited time.

List of 10 Free Data Recovery Software

Well, there are plenty of software programs that seem to offer a resolution to your problem regarding free data recovery software. Therefore, you might find it a bit difficult to track the data recovery software that is not only free but promises quality and complete reliability.

What these data recovery software popular is their ability to recovers the files that are lost or deleted accidentally. These softwares does so by scanning the memory of the device. You get to recover the files like document, video, audio, emails, or contacts, etc.

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1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS the most powerful data recovery software is there to provide you with ease to recover all your important data. It comes equipped with all the best features that one would require for his/her job to get done efficiently.

You should go for this software because of the reliability and performance it offers. You get to recover all types of the file be it audio, video, or any other document file for all kind of devices. Moreover, it claims to support 1000 file formats. You don’t need to be an expert EaseUS would go well even for a beginner.

Key Features

  1. Formatted file recovery
  2. Advanced Scan Algorithm
  3. Export/Import sessions
  4. Emergency data recovery


  • EaseUS comes with a filter that can specify the file types for your ease.
  • You get a preview of the file in order to check its integrity.
  • It comes with partition recovery.


  • You can not enjoy the premium features until you pay for the premium version.

2. Disk Drill – Free Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill Free Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill has made its name quite popular and is being used by a large number of people for many years. It keeps on updating its software so that your job could be accomplished efficiently. Therefore, you can completely rely on this software.

Its features are quite distinguishing and satisfying. It comes with data protection tools so that important files of yours could be saved. Disk Drill is quite capable and powerful. Moreover, it claims to support about 400 file formats.

Key Features

  1. File previewing before recovering.
  2. Data protection tools
  3. Data loss prevention tools
  4. Intuitive recovery process


  • Disk Drill comes with multiple additional features.
  • It has a modern user interface.
  • You get to stop or resume the file recovering process.


  • It comes with no customer support.

3. PhotoRec – Powerful Data Recovery Program


PhotoRec is yet another free data recovery software that works smoothly on any operating system. What’s distinguishing about this software is that it recovers files in read-only mode for a secure data recovery process.

Despite the name of PhotoRec that creates an impression that it can recover photos only. It supports about 300 file formats. You can also give it a try online through the online PhotoRec checker.

Key Features

  1. Powerful interface
  2. General Public License
  3. Compatible


  • PhotoRec supports more than 300 file formats.
  • It is an open-source and completely free platform.
  • PhotoRec is cross-platform software.


  • It restores even unwanted files during the process of recovery.

4. Data Rescue – Free Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue Free Data Recovery Software

The next data recovery software that we have got on our list is Data Rescue. Its working is quite simple and lets you recover your files in few steps. You get to clone your drive, recover your files, create a recovery drive, and above all you can scan your drive.

Data Rescue software promises to support HFS and NTFS file systems. It comes with an inbuilt file finder that makes it easy for you to locate the desired file. Moreover, this software is available in both standard and professional versions. You can go for any of it depending upon your need.

Key Features

  1. RAID support
  2. Bootable recovery drive
  3. Deep scan


  • Data Rescue supports many different types of files.
  • It comes with advanced search filters and a file preview function.
  • This software is quite capable of cloning files.


  • It has no pause and resumes feature.

5. CrashPlan – Data Recovery Tool

CrashPlan Data Recovery Tool

CrashPlan most favorite choice professionals have got for data recovery. It works in the background of the device’s system so that the working speed may not be affected. CrashPlan creates a detailed backup of all the files beginning from the newest to oldest.

Like recycle bin it stores the deleted files automatically, but you can turn off this feature if you’d like. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs. In fact, you can install CrashPlan on Linux servers.

Key Features

  1. Customer Support
  2. Resume and pause feature
  3. Customize file retention
  4. External Hard drive protection


  • CrashPlan provides continuous protection by running in the background of your device.
  • It combines data backup with recovery.
  • You get to create the backup of your files to the cloud and hard drives.


  • There is no mobile phone support for this software.

6. Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix is yet another free data recovery software. It does complete justice with its name by providing its users with a stellar performance and design. Moreover, it has multiple editions each with a distinguishing feature to provide you a resolution to your problem in the best possible way.

This software is related more to professional files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. the document recovery feature of Stellar Phoenix accommodates the recovery of such files. Not just this, but it has a Multimedia recovery feature too so that you can easily recover photos.

Key Features

  1. Data Recovery Tools for vast scenarios.
  2. SMART Drive Monitoring and Cloning
  3. Data Recovery from Crashed Windows System
  4. Disk testing


  • Stellar Phoenix lets you get data back from the RAW hard drive.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • This software offers great performance.


  • It lists the files which are not even recovered.

7. R-Studio – Data Recovery Program

R-Studio Data Recovery Program

R-Studio, another popular name in the field of data recovery that promises to fulfill all your needs. It works pretty well on macOS, Linux, Unix, and ReFS. Basically, it was designed to meet standards of professionalism. But the time it has evolved to meet the basic standards with its user-friendly interface.

R-Studio has made its free demo version available so that you could give it a quick try and see whether it meets your standards. This demo version recovers about 256KB or fewer size files. However, its premium versions are more technical, but the performance is best.

Key Features

  1. Advanced RAID reconstruction
  2. Python development environment
  3. GIT integration
  4. Frequent updates


  • R-Studio comes with a simplified version for basic purposes.
  • You get to use the demo version for free.
  • Its operations are reliable.


  • Its extensive feature might become problematic for beginners.

8. OnTrack EasyRecovery

ontrack easyrecovery

OnTrack EasyRecovery is yet another free data recovery software. It is not only available in the free version but also in the premium. However, OnTrack’s free version lets you recover about 1GB of data.
What even more fascinating about this software is that it recovers files and folders even if they were infected with a virus. You get to recover the data even from DVDs and CDs. Moreover, the files, videos, or photos that were corrupted can also be repaired. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that OnTrack EasyRecovery is an all-rounder.

Key features

  1. Comprehensive data recovery
  2. Deep scan
  3. Stop and resume feature.
  4. Free, Home, and Professional version.


  • OnTrack EasyRecovery comes with easy file sorting.
  • It has a powerful interface.
  • You get to utilize multiple features.


  • It fails to support a large number of file formats.

9. Recuva – Free Data Recovery Software

Recuva Free Data Recovery Software

Recuva is the answer to your problems if you have been looking for some basic, simple, and free data recovery software. Moreover, it promises to recover an unlimited amount of data from Windows computers.

Recuva not only restores document files but also music, photos, and email files. Moreover, this software comes with a military standard deletion technique that allows you to erase the data securely.

Key Features

  1. Advanced files recovery
  2. Automatic updates
  3. A deep and quick scan


  • With Recuva, you get to recover an unlimited amount of data.
  • Its user interface is quite a state forward.
  • You get to preview the files before recovery.


  • Recuva’s ability to recover RAW photos is quite limited.

10. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles Pro

The last free data recovery software we have got on our list is UnDeleteMyFiles Pro. This is the most recommended software you could get for the resolution of your data recovery-related problems. Moreover, it comes equipped with the features that are found usually in commercial apps.

What’s even more wonderful about UnDeleteMyFiles Pro is that it is completely free and has no premium version. So no holding you back from utilizing any further features. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

  1. File Wiper
  2. Mail Rescue
  3. Deleted File Search
  4. Advanced Scan Algorithm


  • UnDeleteMyFiles Pro includes multiple extra disk tools.
  • It promises quick and easy file recovery.
  • You get to use it for free.


  • It fails to recover less popular file formats.

Final Thoughts About Free Data Recovery Software

We have had a detailed discussion about free data recovery software. Therefore, you would not lose any data which is your greatest attest when it comes to business. Hence, these software becomes essential to recover when you lost your important data. With the given information you can get your data recovered quite simply.

Moreover, the key features of each of these software programs have been specified so that you could make your choice easily.

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