The 9 Best Web Design Software of 2021

Are you planning to build a brand? Or, Do you want to run an online store? Either way, a well-built website can turn the tides in your favor. To make it impressive and provide a good back-end structure you’ll need the best web design software.

In essence, it cuts out the need to hire a web designer. And enables you to make an appealing design structure and layout of your website. From small business owners to digital marketers and bloggers to designers, every business needs to get online to build trust and maintain credibility with its end-users.

In this fast-paced world where technology has evolved a lot and web design software has also changed from text-based pages to HTML, Bootstrap, and featured-rich websites. So, we have covered all the software with the latest features. 

List of the 9 Best Web Design Software of 2021

To help spare time, we have compiled a list of the best web design software that enables you to choose software that meets your demands and skill levels. So, without further ado, have a look below. 

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Best Web Design Software 

In this part of the roundup, we have given honest reviews on each software. So, let’s start off.

1. WordPress- Best Free Software 

WordPress free website builder

The top of our list is open-source software that is very popular world wide. Statistically, over 35% of all websites are WordPress-based. Basically, it is a Content Management System (CSM) so as a blogger if you are regularly posting content you’d find it the perfect platform. 

With the perfect blend of power, flexibility, and simple interface it is the basic website builder. Unlike you don’t need to set up your site. Just sign up for the site and create your blogging site or eCommerce store for selling products. Super easy! 


  • Hundred of themes and plugins
  • Easy to use 
  • Pre-built templates


  • Poor security 
  • Spam issues 

Bottom line 

For small business owners, is a perfect choice. You can easily customize the design of your website by simple drag and drop page builders. Above all, if you are a non-tech kinda person you might find it easy as it makes you free from involving coding while creating a website.  

2. Wix- Best Web Design Software for Beginners 

Wix Best Web Design Software

Wix is a powerful web builder that contains a wealth of features. Its beautiful customizable templates get the web building off to a quick start for beginners. You can add animation effects, an Instagram feed widget, create logos, and other elements to make your website fully functional for your business. 

Thanks to the Wix turbo-a recent addition to the Wix that boosts the website’s speed and efficiency. Moreover, it is mobile-responsive and gives you the best experience on all devices. 


  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free from coding
  • Optimized templates 


  • Weak technical support
  • Limited bandwidth

Bottom line 

This superb software contains fully-managed subscription services that maintain all the functionality of the website. It contains all kinds of tools and elements that you need for creating a blog or online store. 

3. Weebly- Best for eCommerce 

Weebly powerful web designing interface

Regardless of your coding experience, you can easily create a website with its drag and drop tools. It’s pretty easy to use its tools and themes. Thus, it allows you to create a web from scratch. Also, responsive themes work well on all devices including mobile phones. 

If you are a beginner and wondering before investing your hard-earned money, then you should opt for its free account. This way, you can enjoy its free features and also it enables you to decide whether you need to buy it or not. 


  • Easy to use
  • Offers HTML/CSS control
  • 24/7 communication support
  • Free plan with a ton of features


  • Limited themes

Bottom Line 

Its simple website building framework builds many web pages without requiring coding knowledge. Besides web designing tools and themes, it is packed with image editing features that allow you to make attractive graphics to make your website more appealing. 

4. Adobe Dreamweaver CC- Best for Professionals 

Adobe Dreamweaver Best Web Design Software

It is a fully-featured HTML web editor that enables you to build HTML websites and docs. It contains simple drop and drags options to create pages and that is good for beginners. While smart coding and autocomplete compilers make it fantastic for advanced users too. Managing dynamic websites has never been so easy before. 

Its multi-functional templates allow you to create portfolios, eCommerce, and other pages. Plus, it makes sure that your website is optimized to display on all devices. Another impressive feature is the live preview option. It enables you to edit your website visually.


  • HTML5 support
  • Contains the intuitive visual interface 
  • Readymade layouts for fast web building 
  • Creates Responsive design


  • Expensive subscription bundles

Bottom line  

It incorporates both visual editing and HTML editing features with a clean interface that makes web designing an easier task. Also, it allows you to build dynamic websites with just a few clicks. 

5. Squarespace- Best for creativity & Blogging 


In the past, Squarespace was used by freelancers to build portfolios. But now, it has a lot of features that allow you to use it for different purposes including stores, and blogs. Want to know its stand-out feature? It’s amazing template designs. You can add creativity to your web designs and it makes your web pages visually appealing. 

Like Wix, its intuitive interface makes it easy for users. What’s more? It includes multi-author functionality, cementing features, and much more. Moreover, its themes are optimized for different devices. 


  • Can be integrated with other platforms 
  • Hundred plus themes
  • Amazing blogging features 
  • Incredibly useful analytical tools


  • Poor page speed
  • Editor related usability issues 

Bottom line 

Squarespace not only makes websites, but also adds creativity to your websites. As it is good for blogging and contains stunning blogging features. 

6. WebFlow- Best for Designers 

WebFlow Best Web Design Software

It is an American web design software that creates modern websites with a visual canvas. Webflow supports JavaScript and HTML coding. If we say that it offers the flexibility of front-end coding, it would be 100% correct. But bear in mind that it does not demand coding from you. Seems magical? In reality, it is true it embraces the code to offer an easy-to-use designer tool. 

Like WordPress it also contains CMS. This allows you to create collections for different fields. But unlike Squarespace or Wix it is not easy to start and have a steeper learning curve. 


  • In-built animations and interactions
  • Many elements to make your website more interactive 
  • Cross-platform software 


  • Complex interface 

Bottom line

Webflow, a cloud-based service,  offers freedom to designers to create a website that suits their needs. If you do not have coding knowledge, worry not it is based on the concept of smart codelessness. 

7. Atom- Best Text editor 

While building a website you need a text editor that meets the coding demands. GitHub came with a solution and developed the Atom. It is a highly customizable platform and open-source HTML editor. Not only it contains different syntax themes but also it allows you to customize the visually appealing themes. 

You can install this cross-platform software on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Besides, it contains a ton of amazing features. It allows you to edit code in multiple files with a multi-pane view. Another useful feature is the smart autocomplete option and which is pretty impressive in terms of removing bugs and making it efficient. 


  • Unlimited customization features
  • Cross-platform 
  • Hackable text editor 
  • Easy to use 


  • A bit laggy 

Bottom line

Atom is the chrome of a text editor that makes programming efficient. It is equally suitable for beginners and pros. This multifunctional editor offers coding, web development, and many other features. 

8. Figma- Best for Prototyping 


Figma is a powerful tool for prototyping. It contains a bunch of features for website designing. Its plugins, versatile pen, and vast library top the list of its features. Moreover, it supports a collaborative approach. With that said, it allows multiple users to edit a file at the same time. 

Meanwhile, its streamlined interface makes it suitable for users of all skill levels. As a vector graphics editor, it is a perfect fit for creating professional websites. Amazingly. It allows you to copy code snippets to form a real site. Above all, you can export your designs in any format. 


  • Intuitive interface 
  • Powerful tool 
  • Lightweight 
  • Real-time collaboration 


  • Slow web tool 

Bottom line

This feature-rich tool is best for interface design and allows you to automate the work. Also, it lets you move its buttons for a better user experience on mobile. It is not limited to web development, but also enables you to collaborate deeply with your projects. 

9. Bluefish- Best Web coding platform 


The last on our list is the tiny installer that is lightweight and easy to use with a clear interface that is designed for beginners. Bluefish supports many programming languages that make coding easier. 

Besides HTML, it supports javascript, Java, CSS, PHP, and XML. With its excellent search option, you can search the text without worrying about the project size. 


  • Lightweight tool 
  • Suitable for code developers
  • Robust and efficient
  • Contain advanced codes 


  • Lacks visual interface 

Bottom line 

This lightweight tool does not take much time to set up. It contains a clear interface with easy-to-access tools that make clear codes. 


Ages ago, creating a web page was the job of hardcore coders. It was considered impossible for laymen to build a web. But now different tools have been devised that make web designing easier even for the layman.

So, if you want to create a website the best web design software allows you to build a website as per your demands. Hopefully, it’d help you to choose your desired software. But if you are feeling a bit stumped about choosing the software, have a peek at our quick recommendations.

WordPress is the free site for small business owners 

Weebly, Wix, Squarespace great for making a portfolio website

Webflow is perfect for designers 

Atom, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Bluefish is best for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding  

Figma is a perfect fit for prototyping 


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