Top 9 Best Parental Control Software of 2021

Are you trying to find the most effective parental control software because:

  • Do you need to protect your kid from cyberbullying?
  • You’re worried that your kid might come upon inappropriate content like pornography or net scams?
  • You’re disturbed that a pedophile may target your child?

Then, you’ve at the right place. Looking for the proper software in an industry filled with products is confusing and stressful. So: we did an in-depth analysis to make the complete method easier for you.

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1. Qustodio

qustodio parental control app

Qustodio could be a feature-rich explication that provides an assortment of protection parameters. This software system comes with almost any features that you simply may get to protect your kid on the web. Moreover, it also offers geofencing, a complete detailed activity log, web filtering, app blocking, location tracking, and a lot of others. Qustodio has been in the marketplace for many years currently.

The association developed this monitoring software system to assist parents to have check over their children’s activities on the web. This software can eliminate each objectionable content that comes your child’s way as they are doing their e-learning, play games, ask their friends on social media, and name it.

This tool is accessible to parents everywhere in the world. This software system supports Kindles, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. However, there are reports that the apps don’t work well on iOS.Most features, like location tracking, work well with android devices.

Advanced Features of Qustodio

  • Panic button
  • Detailed reporting

Bottom Line

This parental control software system goes past secure your kid from pornography. It comes with location tracking, panic button, communication access (text messages or WhatsApp), time limiting, blocking, and filtering, and then far more.

The software’s valuation is on the higher side, however considering all its strong features, it offers glorious value for cash. the simplest part is that total the pricing tiers offer similar premium features. the only distinction here is that the variety of devices that each set up accommodates.

2. Net Nanny – Best Parental Control

net nanny parental control

Gordon Ross created net Nanny in 1993. Ross got the inspiration to make the program when sting operation a sting on pedophiles soliciting kids online.

Ross launched the primary version in 1995, and it may filter profanities, block pictures, and filter web pages. the present version will all the above and additionally permits remote parental control.

This is one of our greatest parental control apps for all devices as a result of its a parental dashboard that permits you to watch and control settings on your child’s device remotely whole the time. This feature works on any internet-enabled device or browser.

Here you’ll be able to track locations, review online searches, block websites, and monitor screen time

Key Features of Net Nanny

  • Family feeds  
  • Online search review

Bottom Line

Net Nanny has advanced filtering tools that track and block new websites on your behalf 24/7/365. The software system additionally contains a location tracker, sends alerts, sends reports, and permits remote to keep an eye on.

However, it’s exhausting to ignore the actual fact that this software doesn’t track video content, messages, keystrokes, and photos on your child’s phone. Also, note that net Nanny doesn’t have a trial-free duration.

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe kid falls beneath Kaspersky Lab’s suite of security products. the association developed the product once noticing that there was a necessity to filter content from the web to protect kids.

This software system blocks, monitors, and sends you alerts to make sure that your kid isn’t stumbling on undesirable content.

This mobile phone and PC parental control software system permits you to watch your kid’s activity on the net, as well as YouTube. as much as this software system covers a large range of web site types, its social monitoring is just restricted to VK (a popular social media website in Russia) and Facebook.

Key Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Available for all devices
  • The best choice for parents

Bottom Line

Kaspersky’s free version manages screen time, filters, and blocks harmful YouTube and web pages. The paid versions unlock options like location tracking, battery tracking, Facebook watching, and actual-time alerts.

The good news is that this software system is reasonable, therefore upgrading shouldn’t be a problem. It’s, however, difficult to ignore the constraints once it approaches social media monitoring. Facebook and VK are the only social media sites that you simply will monitor with this software.

4. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family is erstwhile referred to as the online Family. This American software system is cloud-based and is offers dedicated apps for Windows, Android, and iOS.

The Norton online Family counseling, a committee of child care consultants is behind this explanation and released it in 2009. This software system focuses on encouraging dialogue between parents and kids.

Norton Family monitors websites that your kid visits to visualize whether or not they’re accessing something unsuitable. This software system additionally monitors videos from YouTube and Hulu. However, note that this feature doesn’t work on android and iOS devices.

Main Features of Norton Family

  • App supervision
  • Personal information protection
  • Video supervision Instant lock
  • Search control

Bottom Line

Norton is an actual winner with its six-month trial free duration. This software system delivers on parental restraint, with attributes like monitoring, filtering, blocking, instant lock, video control, location, and time tracking.

One major limitation with Norton Family is that it instructs you to take care of your child’s configuration by choosing whenever your device restarts. Also, android and iOS don’t have text and mobile call restrictions.

Note that some applications, like app supervision or location tracking, are exclusively accessible on android. Also, location tracking is simply restricted to some countries.

5. Bark – Powerful Parental Control Software

Bark Powerful Parental Control Software

The bark is one of the most effective parental control software systems on our list as a result of it monitors text, emails, and social media, as well as Google Docs. The solution keeps an eye on problems like online predators, violence amongst others as you set about your day, and only sends you alerts (text or email) once it detects an issue.

Once you register, Bark permits you to customize your filters. Here, you’ll be able to choose websites to block from a series of seventeen categories accessible like pornography or violence. A group of psychologists and parents came along to develop Bark when the Parkland shooting. The software’s primary goal is to encourage conversations between parents and their children.

Remarkable Features of Bark

  • Check-in
  • Email monitoring
  • Boost conversation between kids and parents
  • Block Pornography and violence

Bottom Line

This explication supports a limitless variety of devices, filters, monitors content, and sends automatic alerts whenever there’s a problem. The bark is satisfactory for you if you’re searching for a solution that permits you to respect your child’s privacy monitoring still watching them.

The app permits you to filter unsuitable sites, control a large area of social media platforms, text, MMS, and email. The software system sends you alerts once necessary.

Note that though the solution includes a check-in possibility, it doesn’t show you your child’s actual location. Therefore, if your kid is spending time with bad company or participating in risky behavior, it’s exhausting to drop in any time to check who they’re with or what they’re doing.

6. Mobicip Parental Control Program

Mobicip Parental Control Program

Mobicip comes from CIPA. CIPA is a signifier for the kid’s net Protection Act, a United States government regulation that mandates secure browsing environments for children in libraries and faculties.

Since its beginning, the software system has been providing a secure network environment for kids whereas learning. This software system monitors your child’s device to make sure that they’re not accessing content that they shouldn’t.

Top Features of Mobicip

  • Reports
  • Third-party invitation to view reports
  • Powerful monitoring
  • secure activity
  • Block unneeded web sites

Bottom Line

Mobicip is extremely compatible compared to the alternative software system on our list. This solution tracks devices and locations, blocks, filters, sends reports and alerts to you just in case of any irregularities. However, note this software system won’t track or block phone calls or messages. Also, Mobicip has no monthly charge option.

7. McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family is a comprehensive app that monitors, filters, blocks, and sends you a report concerning your kid’s net activities.

This app additionally uses GPS to find your kid and notifies you once they arrive or leave a region. Also, use this software system to line healthy screen limits for your kids.

This parental control software system for 2021 monitors your child’s activities on social media or websites. If your children have become difficult and inserting questionable content into a conversation box or email, this software system can flag it down.

Advanced Features of McAfee Safe Family 

  • Provides Reports
  • Security tips
  • Custom blocking of unwanted sites
  • Automatically block harmful websites

Bottom Line

McAfee Safe Family offers reliable monitoring, blocking, filtering, reporting, and notification attributes. With this software system, you’ll find your kid and obtain instant alerts once they arrive or leave a region.

However, note that this software system doesn’t have a mac version. Also, some attributes like uninstall aren’t on the windows version, and there’s additionally no activity record on iOS.

8. OpenDNS Family Shield

OpenDNS Family Shield

David Ulevitch established OpenDNS in 2005. Cisco accomplished the OpenDNS Family shield in August 2015 from OpenDNS at $636 million. Family shield blocks adult sites and works on any internet-enabled device. This is a really smart parental control software system for laptops and other internet-connected device blocks.

Still, you can’t re-configure the list of blocked sites with this software system.
Since new sites come up each second, OpenDNS Family shield updates its list 24/7. Therefore, rest simple knowing that this software system covers your children around the clock.

Key Features of OpenDNS Family Shield

  • Protection from phishing sites
  • Protect your kids from social media sites
  • Custom add websites of your choice to block accessing

Bottom Line

OpenDNS Family shield optimal for you if you’re considering for free software system to block adult content on all of your devices at home. However, note that this explication doesn’t monitor your child’s location, block apps, manage screen time or allow you to change blocked/permitted sites.

It’s paramount to notice that if your children are tech-savvy, they’ll set proxy servers. Also, kids that need to evade detection will simply do this by changing DNS servers. Bearing that in mind, OpenDNS Family shield is that the best parental control app for toddlers and alternative younger children WHO might accidentally stumble across porn sites.

9. KidLogger Parental Control Software

KidLogger best Parental Control Software

SafeJKA S.R.L, an organization that makes a specialty in software system security engineering, is KidLogger’s parent company. In 2001, the association started with a surveillance software system that collected information for scientific studies.

Later, the association developed KidLogger to protect kids on the net from pedophiles, bad content, and net scams. KidLogger is one of the parental control software systems for android with the simplest internet usage monitoring. This feature works across all major browsers like:

  • Firefox
  • Internet explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chrome

The software system additionally monitors phone calls, text messages, and chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype. It collects phone numbers wherever applicable.

Features of KidLogger

  • Takes screenshots
  • Recording keystrokes
  • Monitors external storage
  • Gallery access

Bottom Line

KidLogger tracks locations, monitors websites, prevent information leaks, tracks time, takes screenshots, and provides you gallery access. Additionally, note that this software system doesn’t provide app/website interference and filtering options.

Some attributes, like text and chat monitoring, are only accessible for Android devices. Location tracking is accessible on iPhone and Android only. Note that some antivirus suites flag KidLogger as spyware/malware, however, the app is secure.

Final Thought on Parental Control Software

Having any of the most effective parental control software is important to assist you to protect your kid whereas surfing on the internet. keep in mind to possess a conversation along with your kid relating to their installation to get your kid totally onboard.

You’ll be stunned at however simply your child can cooperate with you, knowing that you just trusty and respected them enough to notify them. You can limit your child’s net access by installing parental control software that monitors, filters, and blocks unsuitable sites.

Also, modify screen time protection to limit internet/device addiction. Although your antivirus might flag such apps as malware, most of them are safe. After all, they’re a kind of spyware. However, all the solutions on our list are 100 percent safe.

The best parental control software ought to filter, prohibit and block access to sure apps or websites. Some apps additionally track locations and track messages, and phone calls to stay your children safe.


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