Top 8 Best Mac Apps to Improve Productivity

The new Apple MacBooks with M1 processors have a lot to offer. When compared to previous Intel-based MacBooks, the company is offering class-leading performance, efficiency, and incredible battery life. If you’re thinking about getting one or switching from Windows laptops, keep reading to learn about the best Mac Apps to Improve Productivity. So that you can do your best.

Mac Apps to Improve Productivity

We’ll cover apps from a variety of categories in this post, which includes calendars, notes, password managers, Mac Cleaner, and more. Let’s start.

1. Fantastical – Calendar App

Fantastical calender app for mac

Fantastical is without a doubt the best calendar app out there, with the best user-friendly interface. It’s quick, fluid, and ready to use right out of the box. The ‘add event’ screen has received special attention from Fantastical. By writing something like ’21:00 10kSoft Meeting’ in the numbers row above, the app will create an event for 8.00 PM.

Are you using Fantastical to create recurring events? To make the process go faster, use templates. I use it all of the time to quickly add my most-used events. Fantastical has third-party calendars built-in. It allows you to add events from sports, television, finance, and other areas.

Most people will be fine with the Apple Calendar app, but if you’re serious about keeping track of your busy schedule, Fantastical will undoubtedly provide a superior experience. Fantastical was once a one-time purchase, but the development teams recently decided to switch to a monthly subscription model, which now costs $5/month.

2. Bartender 4 – Menu Bar Organizer

bartender 4 to organize mac menu

Bartender 4 is actually not a bartender like it sounds. On the Mac, most third-party apps have a small icon in the menu bar that allows you to quickly access specific functions. After a while, the Mac menu bar will become cluttered with too many icons. Bartender 4 has arrived to save the day and also proved very helpful Mac Apps to Improve Productivity.

You can group menu bar items, hide them, or put them in a small search box using the service. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported in Bartender 4. Keys can be used to call out apps directly. macOS Big Sur support, the ability to change the menu bar layout, auto-triggers, quick search, and many more are included in Bartender 4.

3. Bear – Notes App

bear notes for mac and iOS

Bear Notes has a small dedicated team working on Apple app development. And the end result reflects the primary focus. The app has a clean look and a friendly user interface with notes and tags on the left side. When you’re writing a note, you can open the floating menu with editing options by clicking the little pen icon located at the bottom. They include all of the necessary features, such as headings, bullet points, and a highlighter.

Bear will display the modification date, words, characters, read time, and paragraphs if you click the info icon in the upper right corner. Moreover, Bear Notes mentions keyboard shortcuts for editing options in the app, which I appreciate. Bear themes are my favorite feature. It’s not just for white or dark backgrounds. In the Settings menu, you can choose from a variety of theme options.

Bear Note is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. The monthly fees for paid plans begin from $1.5/month.

4. Alfred 4 – Spotlight Search Rival

alfred 4 best mac productivity app

On macOS, the default Spotlight Search works perfectly well. On the Mac, however, Alfred 4 can improve your search experience. Are you in the middle of a login process and want to check your 1Password login details? You’d normally have to open the app and look for the entry. You can start searching for an item with Alfred 4 by pressing a hotkey combination without leaving the current interface.

Another intriguing add-on is Powerpacks. Users can automate repetitive manual tasks such as opening apps, searching the web, running terminal commands, and more by creating automated workflows. Isn’t it fantastic? For beginners, the free version is sufficient. Take it for a try to see if it’s right for you.

5. 1Password – Password Manager

1password for mac password manager

Despite the fact that the iCloud Keychain will suffice for the vast majority of users, I strongly advise you to invest in a third-party password manager. All user data is securely backed up using military-grade AES-256-bit encryption. You have the option of saving your data to 1Password servers or using your own Dropbox account.

1Password will ask you to select a template, such as a login information, credit card information, or a secure note. When you choose a website to add information to, the app will suggest that you use a complex password that is generated at random. You have the option of using that or creating your own password. A personal account with 1Password costs $3 per month.

6. Notion – Project Management

There are no surprises here. For a smooth workflow, Notion has added dedicated project management functions. Look no further than Notion if you have a team of fewer than five members to manage. The service’s free version is still available for up to six users. The simplicity of Notion is its greatest asset.

To get started, all you need is a suitable project management template. I strongly advise you to begin with one of Notion’s project management templates. You can insert a tag, a team member, a photo, a comment, and more while specifying a task.

Start managing projects by sharing the Notion page with team members. On Windows, Mac, Web, Android, and iPhone, Notion is available. The monthly fee for the paid plan is $5/month per member.

7. MacCleaner Pro – Mac Cleaner App

maccleaner pro for mac

Due to the accumulation of junk files and cache, your Mac will slow down over time. MacCleaner Pro is a one-stop shop for keeping your Mac clean and boosting its performance. This program helps you clean up your Mac’s hard drive and free up storage space by removing tons of unnecessary files. With just a few clicks, MacCleaner Pro can safely clean and speed up a Mac.

It allows you to locate and delete unwanted files such as cache, logs, email attachments, language files, installations, and screenshots. It can be used to clear RAM, helps to disable startup programs and extensions, reindex Spotlight and Mail, organize disk space, and much more. As a result, you’ll be able to recover or free up a lot of disk space, and you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth-running Mac computer once more.

MacCleaner Pro comes with a seven-day free trial. You’ll have to pay for the premium version after the trial period expired.

8. Stack Browser – Multitasking Efficient

stack browser for mac

As compared to a traditional Mac browser, the Stack browser takes a unique approach. You don’t have to juggle dozens of apps and tabs any longer. Stack Browser purely pins your most-used web-based apps in the side bar, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Slack, Basecamp, and Twitter.

You can look at three or four apps on the screen at the same time and easily switch between them. The cards are arranged side by side and are especially useful if you plan to use macOS on a large screen.

Additionally, there are a number of different layouts to choose from. Paid plans starts from $8.4 per month and include access to the theming engine and plugins.

Final Words on Mac Apps to Improve Productivity

You can use your Mac like a pro and improve your productivity with a better workflow by using the apps listed above. Alfred 4, 1Password, Bear, AdLock, and, of course, Notion are all part of our daily routine at 10KSoft. I’m sure you’ll find several apps on the list that suit your needs.

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