Top 10 Free File Sharing Software

Get yourself rid of USBs, CDs, cassettes, and other such old sources of file sharing. We bring you free file sharing software that could prove lifesavers for you. The speedy inventions in the field of the internet have made it possible for you to share cloud-based files.

Whether you are a student, employee, freelancer, or anyone, sharing files is something that everyone does nowadays. You found something funny on the internet, you would like to share it with your friends and family. And that is how you develop a need for such software.

List of Top 10 Free File Sharing Software

File sharing is the process of receiving or sending files in the form of audio, video, documents, folders, etc. With the working internet connection, you get to share files with several people in no time. Hence such software is the best solution you have got to collaborate efficiently and work simultaneously. The free file sharing software are mostly in demand because of their ultimate sharing features.

You get to send and receive the files to multiple devices like computers, mobile phones, etc. file sharing is done instantly with these software. This results in better accessibility of data, and you get to edit your files anywhere. We have compiled a list of the following free file sharing software based on our personal experience and research.

  1. Bitrix24
  2. Slack
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google Workspace
  5. Dropbox
  6. Microsoft OneDrive
  7. ShareFile
  8. Amazon Drive
  9. DropSend
  10. Samepage

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1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 as Free File Sharing Software

Bitrix24 is one of the newest inventions in the field of file collaborations. it is available in two formats: on-premise and cloud. Both of these have excellent features, therefore, you can go for any of these. Moreover, Bitrix24 allows you to edit, create, and work with documents. You can manage and store the files online so that they could be shared with others. It offers file-sharing solutions not only to individuals but also to organizations and teams. Bitrix24 serves as a platform that is powerful, beautiful, and modern for communication.


  • Bitrix24 could be linked to many different types of websites.
  • It comes with online and offline document management.
  • You get to have instant answers to your queries with live chat and support.
  • It provides free 5GB storage.
  • You get to create rich documents with the variety of options Bitrix24 has.


  • Bitrix24 has limited formatting and designs.
  • Its free version has limited features.

2. Slack

Slack File Sharing Software

The next free file-sharing software that we have got on our list is Slack. It is more of a professional choice because of its real-time messaging through chat and calls. This software goes beyond simple file sharing to key collaboration and synching features. It keeps a record of all your conversations and files. Slack allows you to seamlessly transfer data from your PC to the Box Cloud. It plays importance on privacy and security by giving you the control to manage who can share, view, upload, and edit the files. You get to work in collaboration by inviting your teammates to join any conversation. This results in better outcomes and understanding.


  • Slack comes featured with AI integretion compatibility.
  • It has freindly user interface.
  • With this software, you get to share snippets as it is.
  • Share the files with just a click.


  • Often times Slack’s calls are buggy.
  • It gets slow while working.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive as Free File Sharing Software

Google Drive is probably the most popular free file sharing software. This is the secure and smooth platform to store your videos, pictures, audio, or any other file type. Google drives works pretty simple and allows you to make edits in real-time so that you get to collaborate with your team efficiently. With Google Drive, you get to access the files stored in your drive from any device. All you would require is your email and password. Moreover, it comes with a free 15GB could storage and gives you the freedom to upgrade to its paid version whenever you’d like.


  • Google drive is compatible with Microsoft office.
  • You get to store any type of file, be it a ppt, photo, pdf, etc.
  • It has easy to use interface that even a beginner can go along with it like a pro.
  • You get to share your files with custom links.
  • It comes with plenty of options and templates.


  • You would require an internet connection because Google drive doesn’t work offline.
  • It doesn’t allow you to upload files larger than 5 TB.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is known to be a single platform for business, visual collaboration, and file sharing. You get to record meetings, create custom emails, and reserve conference rooms. It allows administrators you share and edit documents slides and spreadsheets to teams. Moreover, the simple interface of Google Workplace lets you perform your tasks in a much limited time. You get to enjoy the features like domain live streaming, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, and much more.


  • You get to share small as well as large files instantly.
  • It is all in one platform.
  • You get to install this software easily.
  • For this software, you have to register your account once.


  • Its support is a bit chanllenging to use.
  • You don’t get to have much of task managment options.

5. Dropbox


Dropbox is yet another free file-sharing software that has developed quite a name because of its file-sharing capabilities and storage. You would be amazed to learn that Dropbox even comes with a mobile app. This allows you to keep all your files within your reach. You keep all your documents safe in Dropbox ad access them whenever you’d like. It has a simple design, reliable servers, and hassle-free synchronization between mobile, desktop, and cloud.


  • Dropbox comes with advanced software integration.
  • It provides an advantage to work offline.
  • This software works smartly by creating the file backup automatically.
  • It comes with cloud-based storage.


  • Dropbox lacks elite-level security.
  • It has a limited search function.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another leading filesharing software that safe, secure, and efficient. It is used by businesses and even individuals who employ Microsoft office packages like Excel, Word, etc. on regular basis. This software has quite a history and now, it has developed itself to extend that its features are like no other. People seem to trust Microsoft OneDrive because of its attractive, capable, and powerful functioning.


  • OneDrive allows you to store any kind of file.
  • Organized files by their types so you can easily track them.
  • It allows you to do powerful file sharing and document collaborative editing.
  • This software has strong photo management and presentation.
  • it offers 15 GB of free storage.


  • OneDrive allows syncing only of specific folders.
  • There is a risk of the file getting corrupted.

7. ShareFile

sharefile as Free File Sharing Software

Citrix ShareFile is one of the newest inventions when talking about the free file sharing software. It has successfully been catering to the business needs. However, it is developed to be handy for both professional as well as personal use. Moreover, it the safest and secure way of sharing important files. You can place absolute trust in ShareFile if you are concerned about the security of your data. It has an easy and friendly interface.


  • ShareFile allows you to share the files easily using links.
  • Moreover, you can manage and control the access of these links.
  • It provides a quick download speed.
  • This software has unlimited client users.


  • Some file formats are supported for editing.
  • It has fewer features in its free version.

8. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is the most suitable platform you have got for your data and specifically for photos. It automatically creates a backup for your photos so that you may not lose them. Amazon Drive is available for iOS and Android for the ease of users. Moreover, it provides unlimited cloud storage. However, it has storage of about 5 GB for videos.


  • Amazon Drive has a good web interface.
  • It provides backup for photos.
  • This software is accessible from any device that has a working internet connection.
  • It comes with good entry speed.


  • Amazon Drive has limited sharing capabilities.
  • It doesn’t offer automated backup.

9. DropSend

DropSend File Sharing

DropSend is the file-sharing software that brings resolution to the problems you have been facing regarding large file sharing. This software is capable of sending files of about 8GB. Moreover, with DropSend, you get to send files as email attachments. It is known to be a simple and secure platform because it comes equipped with 256-bit AES security. DropSend makes it possible to send the files to your clients, boss, or whosoever the receiver is, even if he/she doesn’t use this software.


  • DropSend enables you to send files direct to your email.
  • Its interface is intuitive.
  • DropSend has a smartphone version for the ease of users.
  • You get to drag and drop multiple files quickly and easily.


  • The free version of DropSend has limited features.
  • It fails to support Spanish, French, and other such languages.

10. Samepage

Samepage Free File Sharing Software

The last free file-sharing software that we have got on our list is Samepage. It combines calendars, maps, files, team conversation together on one page. Moreover, you get to share multiple file types like audios, videos, documents, etc. It comes with multiple distinguishing features that remove the headache of file sharing. You should give this a try because of its extraordinariness.


  • Samepage keeps conversation and text together.
  • It uploads your files at a relatively faster rate.
  • Samepage make meetings more productive


  • Samepage doesn’t have many customization options.
  • Its interface is a bit old-fashioned.

Final Word – Free File Sharing Software

We have had a detailed discussion about free file sharing software. The provided list contains all the information on would require before going for any software. If you are a beginner, you must look for storage capacity, integrations, features, backup, and reliability. These features are essential for file-sharing software. Otherwise, things would get nasty. The above-provided list of free file sharing software list would help you make a decision about which software is best suitable for you.

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