5 Best Electrical Engineering Software for Students

If you have been doing electric engineering, you would have realized the importance of electrical engineering software for students. And if this is the very concern that compelled you to visit our website, we would definitely provide you with all that you want to know.

Let’s start! Electrical Engineering is the newer branch that deals with the technology of electricity. Those who study this area work on a wide range of devices, components, and systems to undergo the electricity-related phenomenon. That branch is developed to such an extent that now it even has categorized into motor batteries, transmission systems, and control systems.

However, when talking about electric engineers, they test, design, develop, and most importantly, supervise the manufacturing of navigation systems, power generation equipment, electric motors, communication systems, and radars. Not just this, but electric engineers also write specifications for destructive and nondestructive testing of the durability, performance, reliability of devices.

List of 5 Best Electrical Engineering Software

When studying electric engineering one needs to have critical skills and an in-depth understanding of electronic and electric theory. That is where one feels the need for best electric engineering software for students. With the right software, they get to have the right information that allows them to design circuits and other electric equipment.

We have the shared opinion that internet is flooded with quite a lot of software. In this regard, the confusion that occurs is which of these software are best for students. This where we come to give you a hand of aid.

We have compiled a list of the five best electric engineering software for students. The list goes as follows.

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1. AutoCAD

AutoCAD for Electrical Engineering

AutoCAD is useful and essential electric engineering software. CAD stands for Computer-Aided designs. With this software, you get to draw 2D as well as 3D electric drawing. By subscribing to AutoCAD, you get to have access to industry-specific functionality, the latest updates, and mobility with the new web and mobile apps.

It comes equipped with number of distinguishing features and mechanical design libraries, 3D mapping, architecture and much more. Moreover, it has web and mobile app, so that you get to have flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, on anything, any time. AutoCAD interface is quite simple and familiar. Hence students would not face any difficulty knowing it.

This software is quite capable to mange even large projects efficiently with exact measure and details. Moreover, AutoCAD has they could function that provides you an opportunity to work as a team. Hence, we are safe to say that AutoCAD is a powerful and professional grade.


  • AutoCAD is a flexible tool.
  • You get to make the digital copy of the design just by a single command.
  • It is the perfect solution you have when the graphic representation of objects is in multiple drawing locations.
  • Drawing designs with AutoCAD saves you much time and effort.
  • It comes featured with plenty of tools.
  • The interface it comes with is reliable and helpful.
  • You can even apply your personal preferences to the artboard.


  • It has limited integrated information to design.


MATLAB as Electrical Engineering Software

MATLAB a simulation, programming, and modeling tool is known to be another popular electrical engineering software for students. It combines the desktop environment tuned to efficient design processes and interactive designing. Moreover, it comes featured with a variety of toolboxes that are rigorously tested, professionally programmed, and well documented.

MATLAB comes with a programming language that expresses array mathematics and matrix directly. With this software, you get to see how different algorithms work with your data. It even comes with this distinguishing feature of Live Editor that lets you create scripts that combine formatted text, code, and output in an executable notebook.

Above all, the functioning of MATLAB is not that difficult, and you would not have to be a programming expert to use it effectively. It automatically converts MATLAB algorithms to HDL, C/C++, and CUDA code to run on ASIC/FPGA. Hence, it’s been successfully used by software engineering students for the courses like Advanced Math Modeling, etc.


  • MATLAB comes with an extensive help network so that your issue could be resolved easily.
  • With MATLAB you get to create files that could be shared anywhere with anyone.
  • You to have features like 2D drawing and 3D modeling.
  • It works pretty well both on Mac and PC.
  • You get to have multiple options for solving mathematical problems.
  • It is the best software you have got for statistical analysis.
  • You get to debug written codes easily.


  • MATLAB’s license it bit expensive when compared to other software.

3. Multisim

Multisim Electrical Tool

The next best electrical engineering software for students that we have got out the list in Multisim. It is an industry-standard circuit design and SPICE simulation software for digital, power, and analog electronics in research and education. All this and its exceptional functioning make it a must software for students of this area.

Multisim comes equipped with a number of virtual instruments that could be used to observe your circuit. Not just this but you get to view your circuit in 3D with just a click of the mouse. Moreover, for educational and professional use you get a bulk license and give access to many users. It comes with an interactive schematic environment so that the electronic behavior could be analyzed and visualized.

Moreover, it comes with an intuitive interface that causes a great help to educators. They get to reinforce circuit theory and improve the learning standards throughout the curriculum. It saves you development costs by adding powerful circuit stimulation. It even comes with a student version that can go well for beginners.


  • Multisim is quite helpful in teaching circuits.
  • It comes with basic as well as complex circuits for the stimulation of projects.
  • Multisim has all the lab instruments available in a virtual form.
  • It requires you to have just a basic knowledge of electronics to easily use Multisim.
  • You get to upload theory with circuit simulation.
  • It comes featured with a built-in logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
  • This software is quite capable to test electric knowledge by setting the meters.


  • As far as cons are concerned it doesn’t have any.

4. Power World Simulator

Power World Simulator

Power World Simulator is a powerful system simulation software that is designed to simulate power operation systems. It contains effective power flow analysis package. This package is capable of solving systems of about 250,000 buses. Not just this but it also offers several optional add-ons. You get to have access to all the addons by purchasing a software key.

Moreover, Power World Simulator comes with several distinguishing features like Automated Diagram Creation and Modification Tools, Model Explorer, Interactive, Animated Diagrams, Customer Support, and much more.

This best electrical engineering software for students is well suited for teaching power systems operations and serves quite useful in performing research. It has been and still is being used in undergraduate and graduate-level classes to control, analyze, and power the operating systems.


  • Power World Simulator comes with a free 13-bus version that can be used by students.
  • It is second to none when it comes to compatibility.
  • You get to use its modeling capabilities for your projects.
  • It comes with script actions and different flows.
  • This software comes featured with a Geographic Information Systems.
  • Power World Simulation has a user-friendly interface.


  • Power World Simulation doesn’t have any cons.

5. LabVIEW

LabVIEW as Electrical Engineering Software

The last best electrical engineering software for students that we have got on our list is LabVIEW. It is systems engineering software for applications that require measurement, control, test with access to hardware and data insight. However, this software has developed itself into more than just a test instrument. It has emerged as a whole field of operation and design.

With LabVIEW, you get to have an environment that has a consistent way to acquire data from third-party hardware and NI. This software simplifies hardware integration for engineering applications. It enables you to visualize results immediately with built-in integrated data viewers.

Moreover, LabVIEW allows you to focus on your unique engineering problem by reducing the complexity of programming. You can perform multiple tasks like developing algorithms for data analysis. LabVIEW can incorporate with other software and open-source languages. It has an easy graphical user interface; hence, you quickly get to understand what a section of code is doing.


  • With LabVIEW, you can easily add new sensors.
  • It comes with effective debugging features.
  • You get to have a variety of tutorials to understand LabVIEW’s functioning.
  • Its programming structure can identify with regular programming language.
  • Even if you are a beginner, you can understand each icon with the description that it has.
  • It is quite capable of replacing any circuit for testing purposes.
  • You get to have plenty of plugins.
  • It has an executive system that lets student flourish their skills in the best possible way.


  • The problem that most of the users face is it crashes sometimes.

Wrap Up – 5 Best Electrical Engineering Software

We have discussed that Electric Engineering is popular and a broad field. Quite a number of students opt for this field to peruse their careers. Those who really want to explore more about circuits and electric equipment need to have effective software so that they could have a better understanding.

Your smartphone to a refrigerator all has to do with electric engineering. Therefore, the given list of the best electrical engineering software for students would be helpful. We have specified the pros and cons of each software based on our personal experiences. Hence, you can completely rely on these.

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