How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mobile or PC

While features like Handoff, iCloud Sync, and AirDrop make the Apple ecosystem more convenient, there are some flaws that can be frustrating at times of need. I tried to upload a few photos taken with my iPhone to an online portal, but it wouldn’t accept them. The iPhone uses the HEIC format, which is still not widely accepted. To address this issue, I’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to convert HEIC to JPG on various desktop and mobile platforms. Let’s take a look.

The Real Dilemma

Apple chose the HEIC file format over the JPG file format because it takes up less space on the iPhone. Most devices will accept the file format, but you will eventually run into a website that does not accept HEIC images.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac PC

Simply follow the steps as described below to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac system.

Use the Mac Preview App

It would be easier to simply convert the HEIC images to JPG if you already have them on your Mac. To convert the images, launch Finder and navigate to the HEIC images folder. Follow the below steps.

1. Press and hold the CMD key on your Mac device, then click to select all of the images which you need to convert from HEIC to JPG.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac PC Step-1

2. Open the Context menu by right-clicking or clicking with two fingers. And then choose the option Open with Preview.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac PC Step-2

3. The Preview app will now display all the images. By pressing CMD+A on the keyboard, you can select all images. Select Export Selected Images options by clicking File on the menu bar.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac PC Step-3

4. Click the Choose button to navigate to the location where the converted images will be saved.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac PC Step-4

That’s it; all of the images that were previously saved in HEIC format have been converted to JPG and saved on your Mac. As you can see in the image below.

HEIC to JPG on Mac

Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

Follow the steps below to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone device.

Step-1 Change Your iPhone Camera Settings

Although the iPhone captures images in the HEIC format, you can force it to capture images in JPG by changing the settings in the Camera Settings. This would only apply to future images; images that have already been captured and saved in HEIC would be unaffected.

1. Start by taping to your iPhone’s Settings icon and then tap on the Camera.

Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone Step-1

2. Select Most Compatible option in Formats menu. That is all there is to it. All photos taken with your iPhone will now be saved in JPG format.

Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone Step-2

It’s great to use this method, but it doesn’t convert any existing photos. All of the photos you took before are still in HEIC format. If you want to convert those images, keep reading to find out how.

Step-2 Use a Siri Shortcut to Convert existing Images

Siri Shortcuts are a great way to expand your iPhone’s functionality without having to install new apps. If you have a couple of HEIC images on your iPhone, this Siri shortcut is the quickest way to convert them to JPG. You can save the JPGs to the Photos app, send them via iMessage, or simply AirDrop them to your Mac Computer or Laptop.

1. Begin installing the Siri Shortcut from RoutineHub. This will allow you to share multiple images as JPG from RoutineHub. Start the shortcut when installation completed.

Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone Step-3

2. It would ask you to choose the images to convert. It’s not a problem to select multiple images at the same time. After you’ve selected all the images, go to the top right corner and tap Add. The share window would prompt. You have the option of selecting any destination, AirDropping it, or saving it to your iPhone. The images would be converted to JPG and sent to the destination folder automatically. It’s that simple.

Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone Step-4

Convert HEIC to JPG on Android

Install HEIC Converter

Installing a third-party app is the easiest and simplest way to convert a HEIC image to JPG on Android. On the Play Store, there are a plethora of image converters to choose from, but we went with HEIC Converter.

1. Download HEIC Converter from the Google Play Store using the above-provided link, then open the app and go to Files.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Android Step-1

2. Go to the directory where the HEIC images are saved, and then tap Next in the bottom right corner after selecting all the files which you want to convert.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Android Step-2

3. When you tap the Convert button, the app will begin the conversion process. You can share the images directly from the app or search for them in the File Browser once they’ve been converted.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Android Step-3

Convert HEIC to JPG on Web Browser

Use Website

Installing an app is fine, but if your Mobile or computer doesn’t allow you to install new apps or you don’t want to install just for the sake of converting a few images. You can convert images online using the website. To use it, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. With a web browser, you can access and convert HEIC images to JPG on a Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or any other device you are using.

It’s worth noting that privacy is a concern here. If you don’t trust the web app or your images are sensitive, you’re better off using a desktop app to convert them offline rather than uploading them to a random web server.

1. Go to the and select HEIC images for conversion by clicking the + button. You are free to choose as many images as you want.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Web Browser Step-1

2. You’ll see a progress bar for each image, and the conversion may take a few seconds to complete.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Web Browser Step-2

3. Select Download All JPGs, and the images will be saved to your computer.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Web Browser Step-3

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows

Install HEIC to JPEG App

It’ll be really simple to convert HEIC photos to JPG on your Windows PC if you’ve received them in your PC. The app is completely free, and it also allows you to convert 10 HEIC images to JPG every day. It’s a little limited, but you can always upgrade to the pro version.

1. First, install and launch the HEIC to JPEG app from the Microsoft Store.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows Step-1

2. Simply drag and drop the HEIC images into the app window, and the images will be converted and saved to your PC’s drive automatically.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows Step-2

3. Click Open Output Folder to open the directory and locate the JPG images that have been converted.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows Step-3

The JPG images converted from HEIC images can be found here in the output folder.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows Step-4

Convert HEIC to JPG – Conclusion

On Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows, there were a few different ways to convert HEIC to JPG. All of the methods are simple to implement and yield immediate results. Without the need for additional software, Mac has an inbuilt option to convert HEICs to JPGs. Furthermore, installing a Shortcut on an iPhone is simple enough. Which method do you prefer to employ? Please notify me via Twitter.

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