10 Best Free Photo Editing Programs

Want to amaze your friends by showing your holiday pictures with Switzerland as your background? But due to a tight budget, your wish to visit the North pole is not fulfilling. But a photo editor can do this task for you. How? Can we edit images freely? What is the best photo editor? I hear you ask. Well, this roundup contains our take on 10 Best Free Photo Editing Programs

In the last decade, the trend of photoshopping has evolved to a great extent and now in 2021, it is still growing. If we say, that this is the selfie-crazed madness era, we might not be wrong. So, after capturing images photophiles always edit them.

No matter whether you are taking photos for businesses or you are a professional photographer, a graphic designer, or a hobbyist, we all edit photos to make them more appealing. Freemium tool adds some creative flair to your images and packs enough punch to beat commercial programs. 

List of the 10 Best Free Photo Editing Programs 

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10 Best Free Photo Editing Programs 

1. Adobe Photoshop Express- Best Mobile Photo Editor 

Adobe Photoshop Express Best Free Photo Editing Programs

For Photoshop fans, Adobe has launched a free version of Photoshop named Adobe Photoshop Express. Although this free version lacks advanced features that are available in the paid version. But, thankfully, the features present in the free version are enough for beginners. For instance, it contains spot removal, saturation, decorate option, and many more features that will give you a great user experience. 


  • Well-designed and uncluttered interface 
  • Simple and single-click editing 
  • Advanced filters
  • Professional results 


  • Only supports JPG output format 

Bottom line

This free mobile editor is feature-rich and adds a professional touch to your images. As a beginner, this tool will make image editing a bit easy for you as its simple interface will make all editing tools accessible. 

2. GIMP- Best Photoshop Alternative 


GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP, is a highly technical photo editor that is available as an open-source photo editor. Its wide array of features including layers, effects, brushes allow you to create fine-tuning snaps. And all these features are far better than paid programs.

It supports many plugins. This continuously evolving and most active program is widely used by many professionals involved in photo editing.  


  • Customizable interface 
  • Open-source image editor 
  • Active and helpful GIMP community 
  • Impressive features for both beginners and advanced users 


  • A bit technical for beginners 

Bottom line 

If you are thinking of moving away from Photoshop, GIMP is a free open-source photo editor that will offer a wiser alternative solution. It is a go-to tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

3. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer- Best image optimizer 

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Best Free Photo Editing Programs

A simple and clean interface is a must-have feature that many of us want to see in a photo editor. So for this photo editor, the uncluttered interface is a piece of cake. Most of the freeware contains many distracting ads but this software has an advantage over others. It is free of such annoying ads.

Moreover, it handles the bulk of the photos and enables you to edit them all in just a few minutes. It automatically optimizes pictures, but often results in very bright images. But at the same time, it won’t let you feel disappointed. Because it contains a manual color correction option. 


  • A clean and uncluttered interface
  • Automatic and manual editing features 
  • Manual controls


  • Some users don’t like auto-optimization 

Bottom line

This free available software is free of distracting ads. One-click optimization optimizes your images and allows you to analyze a single picture. However, it also automatically optimizes each picture. So, it is a super-fast tool for editing. 

4. Fotor- Best Image enhancer


Whether you have a bunch of poor quality images and you want to cover up all or add some extra polish to them this free editor containing batch processing tool will do this for you. Besides this, it contains other features like vibrant color tweaks, collage makers, stickers, and frames. 

You can add many filters to your images depending upon the conditions. This image enhancer clear the grainy images, sharpen the edges and adjust the contrast and brightness 


  • Brilliant effects to make your images more attractive
  • Supports major formats 
  • RAW file converter 
  • Simplest collage maker 


  • A bit tough for those who want to make artwork from scratch
  • Limited features 

Bottom line

For Windows users, this is a great tool that manually edits your images. Moreover, its features enhance the image quality and allow you to retouch the images as well. Overall, it is a smart image enhancer program with numerous editing tools.

5. Paint.NET- Best Photo Editor for Windows 


This software was originally created to replace Microsoft Paint. Now it has emerged as the simplest photo editor. Its simplicity offers an advantage to beginners. You can create better images using this simple yet powerful software. 

As stated here that it is a simpler program, but it does not mean that you won’t get powerful editing features. However, it contains advanced editing features that are convincing enough to replace complex editors. Moreover, it contains many community-created plugins and that’s a bonus for this freeware. 


  • An intuitive and easy-to-use software 
  • Supports multiple plugins 
  • Smart editing tools and layers and filters 


  • Limited editing features 

Bottom line 

It is a bit outdated yet the most commonly used programs among beginners. Since it contains plug-ins it allows you to access many advanced tools also. You can polish grainy photos with this powerful editor in just a couple of seconds. 

6. Photo Pos Pro- Best Editor for Pro Users

Photo Pos Pro Best Free Photo Editing Programs

Due to its many advanced image-enhancing tools, we have added this free tool to our list of Best Free Photo Editing Programs. Even though it also contains some basic tools too. This program was made to equalize photo editing opportunities for both beginners and experts alike. This is why it offers a separate interface for beginners and experts.

The interface designed for beginners is simple and allows them to avail themselves of the automatic editing features. While on the flip side, the experts’ interface is packed with many advanced features and tools to create professional and polished photos. Also, its batch processing tool aims to save time while editing a pile of photos. 


  • Beginners and professionals interface
  • Batch conversion feature 
  • Smart filters, effects, and editing tools


  • Resolution limited to 1,024 x 2,014 pixels for file export
  • Available for desktop only 

Bottom line

Whether you are a professional who wants to edit a bunch of images and apply numerous effects to enhance the look of your photos or a beginner who just want to use it as a hobbyist this tool is equally suitable for both. 

7. BeFunky- Best Online Photo Editing Program 


This free program is accessible only online. Regardless of your prior photo editing experience, you would definitely enjoy photo editing with this simple-to-use program. Its name ‘BeFunky’ shows that something Cool or Fashionable present here. But what’s that? CARTOONIZER. Yes, it contains many funky features that add odds to your images.

Besides making fun photos this Photoshop allows you to add effects, resize images, add texts, and retouch your images freely. 


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Fun editing tools
  • Basic photoshop features
  • Powerful program 


  • You can’t access it offline 

Bottom line

It offers a simple interface with separate tools for photo editing, graphic designing, and collage making. It allows you to make funky and crazy photos and double the fun of photo editing. You can access it on the web or mobiles.

8. Inpixio Photo Clip- Fast photo editor

Inpixio Photo Clip Best Free Photo Editing Programs

Now for beginners editing the images and applying effects is as simple for experts. In no time you can make the images up to your requirement just by dragging the bar. You can compare the edited images to the original ones. This ‘before and after’ feature motivates your incredible editing skills. Also, it lets you know if more editing is required. 

So far, it is the simplest software for those who have zero editing experience and it allows you to edit photos up to a professional level. You can share these edited images with your friends and have fun!


  • Basic and simple image editor
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lacks annoying adds


  • Not suitable for professionals 

Bottom line

This photo editor has a user-friendly interface that allows you to retouch your images. All editing tools are easily accessible and you can apply these tools by drag and drop method. So, if you don’t have editing skills you might find it the best match. 

9. Canva- Best for Graphic Designing 


For graphic designers, a freely available app that allows them to create posters, newsletters, flyers, and other documents is a blessing. Canva contains many graphic editing tools that make it a must-searched app and a blessing for designers as well. 

You don’t need to download the program. It allows you to start editing from the web- so far the simplest way to edit images. Overall, it is the most versatile app for creating different kinds of visual projects. 


  • Contains mobile app
  • Range of free templates
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Best for graphic designers 


  • Lacks manual editing tools
  • You can’t access it while offline

Bottom line 

This bare-bone photo editor is equipped with many basic editing tools that you can access without any hassle. It is compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS. 

10. PhotoScape- Feature-rich and simple software

PhotoScape Best Free Photo Editing Programs

This photo editor contains a wealth of useful features that are accessible with just a single click. Photo conversion and merging, raw conversion, batch editing tools such as format resize, change, and GIF image creation. This program caters to users who are not aware of editing tools and need a simple basic editing program. 


  • Supports many file formats
  • One-click filters 
  • RAW file conversions 


  • Interface is complex

Bottom line

The last on our list is the software that contains tons of features to edit images manually. You can create animated GIFs, put different effects and create an amazing edited image.

Conclusion-  10 Best Free Photo Editing Programs

The importance of post-processing images can never be denied. So we have got our hands on Best Free Photo Editing Programs. Hopefully, it would help you to choose the best one for you. But if you are still confused then we have cleared it more for you. If you only want Adobe to retouch your images, its free version Adobe Photoshop Express will add the taste of Adobe to your images.

While more advanced freeware like GIMP and  Ashampoo Photo Optimizer are great alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Photo Pos Pro is designed to meet the demands of both beginners and experts. For beginners, the programs like BeFunky and Paint.NET have a simple interface and might prove great for them. 


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