10 Best Free Graphic Design Software

Mastering the art of graphic designing is no more a costly task to accomplish. Because we bring you the best free graphic design software. There are quite a number of professions that got popular during the 21st century. Graphic Designing is one of those professions. It is the art of creating or designing attractive and appealing graphics to be used for posters, commercials, advertisements, etc.

Good graphic design software is the one that provides flexibility and intuitive control. If you have been inspired and have decided to try your hands-on graphic designing. We would suggest beginning with the free software and not the paid ones. This is because free software would enable you to learn the basics.

List of 10 Best Free Graphic Design Software

The reason that graphic designing has got immensely popular, there is plenty of software available on the internet. This is where beginners get confused, because on cannot figure out the features a software should have.

Therefore, we bring resolution and answers to all your problem and queries by providing you a list of the 10 best free graphic design software. The provided list is based on our personal research and experience. Hence, you can completely rely on it.

  1. Vectr
  2. Canva
  3. Inkscape
  4. Raw Therapee
  5. Krita
  6. GIMP
  7. Daz 3D
  8. Easelly
  9. Gravit Designer
  10. Blender

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Best Free Graphic Design Software

Given below are some well researched and professionally used Best Free Graphic Design Software that you can use to boost your skills and carrier.

1. Vectr

Vectr Best Free Graphic Design Software

It a simple and smooth graphic designing app that provides its services for free. It has been a number one choice for bloggers, software engineers, social media specialists, and project managers. They usually generate vector graphics and prefer Vectr because of its easy and intuitive interface.

Moreover, Vectr is a cross-platform software that can be used on Windows, ChromeOS, Linux, and MAC. Since it is developed for beginners, the learning curve is not at all steep. You get to share and collaborate so that your design could be designed with the assistance of others as well. Therefore, we recommend Vectr as a good start for graphic designers.


  • Vectr is easy to use and quick to learn.
  • It comes featured with arranging and aligned elements.
  • You to design scales of any size without losing clarity.
  • It is forever free graphic designing software.
  • You get to use a number of features like gradients, pen tools, fills and strokes, and many others.


  • Vectr lacks a good library of shape icons.
  • It suits only beginners.

2. Canva

canva powerful free graphic design program

Canva is the free graphic design software that is known to be the best for social media graphics. With Canva, you get to have plenty of tools that would allow you to design anything you want to design. You get to create infographics for blogs, email headers, and presentations. Moreover, Canva has wonderful customer support that is always available to answer your queries.

This software is the complete design tool for those who are not that experienced. Therefore, it is best suited for beginners and small business owners. It comes features quite a number of distinguishing tools that make it the best of its kind.


  • Canva comes with various in-built tools.
  • It comes with photo effects to improve photos.
  • You get access to hundreds of shapes, stickers, and icons.
  • Canva could be accessed from any PC or device.
  • You get to create logos and layers.


  • You would not be able to create documents with many pages.
  • Its features are so vast that beginners would require time to understand this software well.

3. Inkscape

Inkscape as Best Free Graphic Design Software

Inkscape is another best free graphic design software that allows you to do vector editing. It could be used only on the platforms like Linux/GNU operating system, Windows, and MAC. Inkscape is a highly capable and advanced software that has a good SVG integration.

Moreover, this software comes equipped with many features that are not usually available on free platforms. You get full support for different color modes and its simple interface lets you go along with designing smoothly.


  • Inkscape has a robust community and extension ecosystem.
  • Despite the fact that it’s free software, it has the capability to design professional projects.
  • You get to save your projects in multiple formats.
  • It has a good path and placement tools.
  • You get to convert raster images to vectors.


  • Inkscape has a steep learning curve.
  • It has weak text formatting tools.

4. Raw Therapee


Raw Therapee is another popular software among graphic designers. With Raw Therapee, users get able to recover details, boost colors, correct distortion, and much more. generally speaking, it would do everything to enhance your designs.

This graphic designer software provides its services completely free of cost. It enables you to edit Raw files, histogram matching, high dynamic range tone mapping, and much more features to make picture adjustments.


  • Raw Therapee comes with a well-designed catalog.
  • It has excellent photo editing options.
  • Most of the designer go for this software because of its simplicity.
  • It has several export format options.
  • You get to have advanced instruments for color correction.


  • It looks like Raw Therapee needs to have more video tutorials for its users.
  • This software consumes a lot of system space.

5. Krita

Krita Graphics Designing Software

Krita has developed quite a name ever since it was launched. It is the professional drawing software that helps digital designers in editing and creating illustrations. Moreover, it comes with a full set of brushes so that you get able to flourish your designs in the best possible way.

This graphic designing software has various plugins available. It has inbuilt pens and pencils available. Therefore, it could serve as the best software for you to take a good start.


  • Krita comes with a lot of video tutorials for making things easier for beginners.
  • It runs smoothly and its user interface opens gates to many creative options.
  • This software is helpful in preparing images that could be used on multiple platforms.
  • You get to customize the entire interface with Krita.


  • Krita keeps crashing causing you trouble in editing.
  • Its hardware needs improvement.


GIMP Best Free Graphic Design Software

GIMP is another fully-features graphic designer software that provides its services for free. This software is capable of working smoothly at all the main operating systems. It is a versatile photo editor for those who want robust software for manipulations with photos.

GIMP has such an interface that it would seem nearly like Adobe Photoshop. It keeps on updating the functions and features to allow you to enhance the designs in the best possible way.


  • GIMP is easy-to-use software.
  • It contains various image editing tools.
  • You get to convert an image from one format to another in an easier way.
  • It comes with various plugins to help those who have just begun their profession as graphic designers.


  • The selection tools of GIMP are not very precise.
  • Some users found its crop function difficult.

7. Daz 3D

daz 3d as Best Free Graphic Design Software

Daz 3D is known to be the best software for creating 3D graphics. Therefore, it suits best for illustrators, designers, and illustrators. Not just this, but it could also be used for rendering, 3D animations, and figure posing.

This graphic designer software allows you to create amazing digital locations with its several features. You get to adjust characters and scenes to design masterpieces. It represents the combination of various platforms like Daz Studio, Genesis 8, and Hexagon.


  • Daz is popular because of its 3D creation tools.
  • It offers features like movements, morphing tools, facial expressions.
  • This software has a huge library of free contents like vehicles, characters, creatures, hair, etc.
  • It offers multiple file format support.


  • Daz doesn’t update frequently which makes it a bit old-fashioned.
  • You would be required to have a powerful PC for this software to work smoothly.

8. Easelly


The next free graphic design software that we have got on our list is Easelly. It is known to be the best software for creating infographics automatically. This software would prove a good start for those who want to try their hands-on infographics.

With this software, you get to edit and create different infographics. Moreover, Easelly is quite capable of supporting file formats like JPG and PDF. It has a free as well as the paid version,. You would be glad to know that even its paid version is not that costly when compared to others.


  • With Easelly you get to create infographics that convey your message in the best possible manner.
  • It is a simple and easy-to-use platform.
  • You get to upload the finished layout to your website instantly.


  • Easelly has no autosave option.
  • You would be required to upgrade to the premium version because of limited features.

9. Gravit Designer

gravit designer free

Gravit Designer is the solution to all your problems. It is known to be the best free graphic designer for beginners. Its features are limitless, and its functioning is unique as compared to other mentioned software.

With Gravit designer, you get to create curves, manage layers, edit paths, etc. Moreover, this software comes with multiple file format support that includes SKETCH, SVG, JPEG, and PDF.


  • Gravit Designer has a friendly and smooth user interface.
  • It has a huge library for vector assets.
  • You get to work on your projects from multiple platforms.


  • Gravit Designer offers its services free for a limited amount of time.
  • It lacks additional features.

10. Blender


The last free graphic design software that we have got on our list is Blender. It is known to be the best for graphics and 3D content. This software is successfully being used for 3D modeling and visualization. You get to create print products, web designs, and outdoor advertisements.

Blender works with efficient speed and its features are simple to understand. Therefore, a beginner can completely rely on it. Moreover, Blender is also known as one of the Best Free Graphic Design Software.


  • Blender can export files from one format to another.
  • It is possible for you to render it with GPU.
  • Most of the designer go for this software because of its simplicity.


  • It has the slightest learning curve.
  • This software has no appropriate support for motion capture.

Final Words

We provided you with a detailed list of free graphic design software. Beginners can totally rely on this list because all these software contain the basic features one would require for graphic designing. We have identified the pros and cons of each software to make your choice easier.

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