7 Best Emulator Software for Windows

If you have been searching for the emulator software that suits the best for Windows, you are at the right place. We bring you a well-researched list of 7 Best Emulator Software for Windows. Firstly, let us get familiar with Emulator software itself. Emulator software is the program that allows your PC’s window to imitate the functioning of another system. It could another PC or even an Android device.

With the emulator software, Windows get able to run peripheral devices, software, and tools of the system it imitated. Users generally use Emulator software because it regenerates and re-creates an original Windows environment. You get to access the OS or applications of the emulated system. For example, you are using Android Emulator software you would be able to experience Windows just like an Android.

List of 7 Best Emulator Software for Windows PC

Now that you have got pretty much familiar with emulator software. The next step that you would be headed towards is the selection of the best software from hundreds of available software on the internet. Therefore, we bring a resolution to your problem by providing you with the best emulator software for Windows.

  1. LeapDroid
  2. Windroy
  4. MEMU Play 7
  5. XShell
  6. Andy
  7. BlueStacks

However, before installing any of these software you need to make sure that you have enables virtualization setting under BIOS. Doing so would make sure that you get faster performance. Another tip that you can opt for is using a secondary google account for logging in into an emulator. This would save you from any security issues. Without any further delay, let’s get straight to the list that we compiled based on our research and personal experience.

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Best Emulator Software

Below provided are some best emulator software for windows that are well researched and professionally recommended. You can start with any of it to play games, test apps and games on your Windows PC.

1. LeapDroid

LeapDriod Best Emulator Software

The first best emulator software that we have got on our list on LeapDriod. It one of the most popular Android emulators that allow you to use multiple Android apps on the Windows of your PC. You get to have real fun when you play games on the large screen of your PC. Moreover, with this software, the touch controls get automatically mapped to your keyboard keys.

LeapDriod takes your gaming experience to the next level. It comes with a simple interface that allows you to effortlessly sync your Android smartphone with Windows. It comes featured with a wide variety of features. Moreover, it provides support for multiple emulator profiles. This software is easily accessible.


  • LeapDriod gives a bug-free experience.
  • It comes with a minimalist design that makes the interface appealing.
  • You get the option to turn off the hardware keyboard and use the onscreen keyboard instead of that.
  • It comes with a mapping key function.
  • You get to create multiple emulator profiles.
  • LeapDriod comes with GPS to identify the location.


  • It has no live support for your queries.
  • This software doesn’t support few apps.

2. Windroy


Windroy is the popular emulator software that comes equipped with a number of different features. Particularly, it is an android emulator that is available completely free of cost. It allows you to run Android apps from the Window of your computer. Therefore, it is the best choice you have got for knowing the Android operating system, playing games on a relatively larger screen than smartphones, and testing out apps.

Moreover, you would not face any difficulty in downloading or installing this best emulator software. Windroy uses the Android 4.0.3 operating system and is offered only the Windows users. You would e amazed to learn that Windroy is coming with support for 26 languages. Therefore, getting to know its interface would not be a problem.


  • Windroy is a great option for creators.
  • It has an attractive and smooth interface.
  • This software is available completely free of cost.
  • It runs just like an Android device.


  • Windroy has no audio support at all.
  • You would be required to have at least computing experience to go well with it.


emu8086 - microprocessor emulator

EMU8086 – MICROPROCESSOR EMULATOR is yet another widely known emulator software for Windows. It is a free platform and works smoothly for multiple platforms. EMU8086 is capable of emulating a large amount of software that was used on 8086 processors. It gives the ability to emulate professors which were used on in Windows and Macintosh from the early 1990s.

This software is probably the best choice you have got to begin with if you haven’t really tried your hands on emulators. It makes basic tasks easy to accomplish. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that EMU8086 – MICROPROCESSOR EMULATOR is more of a beginner platform.


  • EMU8086 – MICROPROCESSOR EMULATOR is a free-of-cost platform.
  • It has a good support community.
  • You get to assemble the programming efficiently.
  • Usually, engineers go for this app because it gives them the capability to access the 8086 microprocessor.


  • It is not as user-friendly as other emulator software.
  • This software emulator has limited hardware emulation.

4. MEMU Play

MEMU Play Best Emulator Software

MEMU is one of the recent developments in the field of emulators. This software has primary targeted those who play games quite often. They no more need to get bothered by the small screen of smartphones. Because with Memu Play 7 one could easily switch to Windows PC.

Moreover, Memu has plenty of features that make it quite functional and powerful. One could clearly guess the combability of this emulator software by the fact that it can run smoothly on Windows 10, 8, 7, and even the older versions. It has a simple installation process. Therefore, Memu would not bother you with spending much time and effort understating it.


  • MEMU has virtualization options.
  • It has wealth of keyboard mapping options that let you play games effortlessly.
  • This software could easily be installed from Google Play Store.
  • It supports AMD chipsets and Intel.


  • MEMU lacks good customer support.
  • It could be used only for gaming.

5. XShell


XShell is another best emulator software for Windows that is designed to emulate a virtual terminal. It is more of a professional choice because of its usefulness in offices and workplaces where one requires to access data in a mainframe. With that being said, XShell is not going to be easy and simple when it comes to its interface and functioning.

Moreover, XShell is the software that provides its wonderful features completely free of cost. You would not have to bother yourself with any software activation because it is easy to download and install. However, when it comes to the features, XShell is equipped with quite a number of distinguishing features. It is a powerful emulator software that comes with several drop-down tabs.

Not just this, but XShell comes with multiple security features too. It has a free as well as paid version. You would be glad to know that even its free version is equipped with SSH2/SSH1 protocols, password protection, solid public key authentication methods, and traffic encryption.


  • XShell supports SSH2, RLOGIN, SERAIL, SSH1, and TELNET.
  • It is available with custom key mapping and dynamic port forwarding.
  • This software ensures safety and privacy with a secure MIT Kerberos authentication system.
  • It comes with features with set highlighting, dual font support, and a tabbed environment.
  • You get support for multiple languages.
  • Its clean interface makes it worth a choice.


  • XShell would require you to be experienced in using it smoothly.
  • It consumes a lot of memory.

6. Andy

Andy Best Emulator Software

The next best emulator app for windows that we have got on our list is Andy. This software would take a minimum space of 5GB. Just like MEMU, the primary target of this software is those who play games. Gamers get to have desktop support for desktop for a better experience.

You get support for PlayStation controllers, Xbox, and an option of using an Android smartphone as a gamepad. Andy Enables app download from any desktop browser to Andy OS. Overall, this software is very impressive and functional in its features. Some of its features are camera integration, developers support, Multi-touch support, etc.


  • Andy works pretty smoothly on Windows and MAC.
  • It comes with a feature of Desktop push notification.
  • You get to use microphone integration.
  • It allows you Android access to the local file system.


  • There is a bit of a learning curve.
  • It lacks accessibility that most of the gamers like to have.

7. BlueStacks

BlueStacks as Best Emulator Software for PC

The last that we have got on our list is BlueStacks. It brings mobile games right into your PC. BlueStacks is designed by keeping simplicity in mind. For having an easier and much better gaming experience, all you need to do is, install this software to the Windows of your PC. It has both a free and paid version. Therefore, you have the choice to go for the one that suits your choice.

Moreover, BlueStacks has a decent interface, and its performance is also quite impressive. If you are interested in adding games or apps from other sources, you can do so by the standalone APK files feature of BlueStacks.


  • BlueStacks is reliable emulator software for Windows.
  • It comes with Multi-Instance Sync.
  • You get to enjoy microphone integration.
  • It has a high FPS.
  • BlueStacks quality is known to be the best.


  • It provides support only to gaming platforms.
  • Quite a lot of PC spaces are consumed by this emulator.

Final Words

We provided you with a detailed list of the best emulator software. Mostly such software is used by engineering students who have to explore and learn and by professionals. Not just these, but emulator software is popular among gamers too.

Therefore, we provided a list that could be useful for any of them. The provided list is well researched; therefore, you can completely rely on it. Moreover, we have specified the pros and cons of each software to make your choice easier.

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