Top 10 Best Browser for PC & Mobile

For decades, internet users are getting a lot of benefits from browsers. They have made surfing easier for you. By putting your desired content in the search toolbar, they suggest you a lot of options and extract related information from the World Wide Web. This round-up has focused on the top 10 best browser for PC & Mobile that will provide you access to the internet.

Additionally, you can fine-tune your browsing experience and get the best out of them. Using these browsers you can get an exact mirror of what you want to see on the desktop and mobile as well. Most of the browser available free to use like, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox to enhance the user experience.

List of the Top 10 Best Browser

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to navigate through all provided details. Let’s have a look at this list and choose the best browser for your PC or Mobile.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. DuckDuckGo
  6. Brave
  7. Kiwi Browser
  8. Vivaldi
  9. Epic
  10. Avast Secure Browser

Switching between browsers is a bit jarring. We, therefore, grabbed the browsers and compiled this list of the best browser for PC and Mobile. It makes it easier for you to choose the best one.

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Best Browser for Windows & Mobile

Provided below are some well-researched and professionally recommended browsers that can enhance your experience and protect your privacy at any cost.

1. Google Chrome- Best Web Browser 

This well-known browser is known for its easy-to-use and clean interface. It is the fastest browser with a variety of third-party features in its library. Impressively it allows great cross-connectivity between two devices. Just need to make sure that you have synchronized all your data with its account. So makes it easy to sync content and setting up it is easy.

Google Chrome best browser for PC & Mobile

You can google highlighted text and search reverse images to save your downloading time.  For mobile users, Google Chrome is simple and fairly easy to use. One of the most striking features of chrome for mobile users is that it offers a request desktop site button. You can also share any website using its share button. Indeed it is equally suitable for PC and mobile. 


  • It employs sandboxing 
  • Clean and intuitive interface 
  • Feature-rich library 
  • Good cross-connectivity options 


  • Resource hungry and eats a lot of memory 
  • Doesn’t offer many privacy options 

Bottom line 

It is the fastest browser that offers a simple and clear interface for both PC and mobile users. So far it is perfect for Android that allows sync between PC and mobile easier.

2. Mozilla Firefox – Best Browser for PC and Mobile 

Firefox is one of the fastest browsers that offer a bevel of features. If you are looking for a browser that offers strong privacy and security features then you should try this. It receives exceptional scores on security. It warns against unsecured HTTP connections and blocks malicious websites. Regarding privacy, you can consider it as the best one that blocks trackers and crypto miners. 

Mozilla Firefox as best browser for PC and mobile

You can customize its interface and make it suitable as per your needs. Its library is riched with adds-on and also it contains many customizable options. What’s else? Taking about mobile users, if your mobile internet connection is slow it will disable images. Moreover, you can enable or disable tracking protection and night mode.


  • Fast extension support 
  • A great tool for article recommendation
  • Strong privacy 
  • The interface can be customized 


  • Doesn’t offer a backup service 

Bottom line

One of the fastest, strongest, and privacy offering software. Plus its Firefox Focus, a version for Android users and iPhone users, is a minimalist design and appealing. Either you are using a desktop or mobile it is easy to use regardless of the operating system. 

3. Opera- Fastest Browser

Opera has offered its services for the last two decades. The most astonishing feature of this site is its built-in VPN and keeps the privacy policy secure. It is more reliable than other browsers. Opera was bought by a Chinese association in 2016. Its installation is very simple like other browsers it installs automatically and takes only a few moments. 

Opera- Best Browser with fast speed

Opera is available for all devices whether it is Mac, Android, iOS, or windows on your PC. Opera does all the functions you would expect from any browser other than that it has some extra functional options that optimize its search engines more efficiently. You can open multiple web pages at the same time with its plus options at the browser’s opening.


  • In-built security 
  • Easy navigation options
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Use fewer resources 


  • Requires adherence to coding
  • Extensions are not easy to get 

Bottom line 

The fastest, reliable, and safest browser that makes surfing enjoyable on both PC and mobile. It is easy to set up and has many optimization options. 

4. Microsoft Edge- Windows Default Browser

It is a fantastic browser that has improved many features and therefore we have added it here to the list of the best browsers. Amazingly its chromium-powered version is bombarded with many latest features including an Opera-style cast page, site permission pages, read aloud, password managers, and many more.

Microsoft Edge best browser for PC & Mobile

Moreover, its privacy has been improved to a great extend. It features a range of incredibly great customization features. You can secure your system by selecting the InPrivate browsing mode. Its speed has been improved a lot and it feels snappier than any other.


  • Contains many latest features
  • Excellent performance and fast speed 
  • Great support for extensions 
  • Suitable for novice users as well 


  • Lacks some sync features
  • The cross-device synchronization option is missing 

Bottom line 

This new version of Edge contains crystal clear privacy tools and a lot of features. Top of all is that it allows you to install some apps for easy access. 

5. DuckDuckGo- Best Browser for Privacy 

Are you looking for an in-depth search engine that provides privacy? So here is the perfect match for your needs. Privacy is the major issue of the digital world. Due to increasing privacy scandals, peoples tend to use some hacks. DucKDuckGo is one of them that offers privacy with protected in-depth search engine results.

DuckduckGo-best browser for privacy

You can say that it is the best alternative to google. But google and DucKDuckGo have different privacy outlooks that make them superior to all other search engines.  You can search on it directly or add an extension of it on google. It offers a privacy setup that didn’t sync your system’s IP address. 


  • It has a privacy-focused environment
  • It is convenient and easy to use 
  • You can use its extension on chrome for similar results
  • It doesn’t have any personalized ads and results


  • It still relies on the advertisement to maintain the revenue
  • It doesn’t have protection from viruses or malware

Bottom line 

It makes a perfect match for those who are looking to keep their system secure. It has tons of in-built features and privacy options as well. 

6. Brave- Browser with Reward System  

Looking for a fast and secure browser? Brave has many security features and fast performance that is exactly what you are looking for. Interestingly, this free browser allows freelancers particularly content writers to make micropayments. It, however, features Basic Attention Token (BAT) to make a safe way for you to earn rewards using this fastest browser. 

Brave- Best Browser with Reward System

Above all, it is the first most browser that has top-notch privacy features. Moreover, it features tor, an anonymity network, that is present at the top right corner. You can switch to tor-enabled browsing by just clicking this button. This secure browser blocks ads and website trackers. 


  • Offers token reward system 
  • Excellent privacy features
  • Robust and strong performance 
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • Support few extensions
  • Not much popular among users

Bottom line

Brave is the safest browser that offers the security of your system and blocks ads and trackers. It greatly works to help you earn rewards through BAT. All in all, it is the best browser that is fastest and efficient. 

7. Kiwi Browser- Chromium-Based Browser  

This chromium-based browser is not too old. It is pretty new and is loaded with a wealth of features. You may be impressed to know that kiwi browsers have very fast speed and robust performance. No doubt, it loads pages instantly. 

kiwi- chromium based best browser

Its top-notch features include cryptojacking, ad blocking, and night and contrast mode. Furthermore, it is highly customizable and allows you to adjust its settings according to your ease. Its user interface is a bit different from others. Its address bar is present at the bottom not at the top. 


  • Customizable settings 
  • A lot of visual elements 
  • Fast speed 
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Need to be more integrated 

Bottom line 

It is a very simple, easy, and streamlined browser. You can set it up easily and it provides many customization options. It has many plugins to extend the default functionality. 

8. Vivaldi- Powerful Built-in Features

Vivaldi browser and Opera web browser are from the same company. But Vivaldi browser is lightweight and has a minimum design. It has the Blink engine that also comes in Google chrome. Vivaldi Browser is the latest web series to take over the internet y storm. 

Vivaldi- Best Browser with Built-in Features

It has the chromium open browser that shows some reflections of the Opera web browser. Vivaldi browser provides built-in user options for syncing the passwords, profiles, and settings, but it needs to have an additional extension for auto-syncing. 


  • It is easy to use 
  • Also, provide access to chrome web store 
  • It provides clutter-free tab management 
  • It has an advanced memory management function


  • It has only three themes so far
  • There is no way to sync passwords and settings

Bottom line

So if you are looking for an easy-to-operate and convenient browser, it is the best choice.

9. Epic- Best Browser for Security 

Are you worried about trackers and want to have a safe browsing experience? You’re here to get what you want. Epic would It is another free browser that offers privacy and security from trackers. It is a great solution for those who are concerned about their security. 

Epic- best Browser for Security

Moreover, it comes with VPN servers. If you like incognito mode, then you might be glad to know that it works in that mode. Also, it provides backup of your data- not the entire backup but a part of backup data. 


  • Best for secure browsing
  • Built-in web proxy 
  • Clears all browsing tracing and does not keep history 
  • Available as a free browser 


  • Search engine Lacks some standard features
  • Doesn’t support all websites 

Bottom line 

For sure, you will enjoy private surfing with this browser. It is best regarding online privacy as it doesn’t include privacy as an option but in reality, it’s a default. 

10. Avast Secure Browser- Best Antivirus Protection

Are you looking for a safe and secure browser? The Avast secure browser is the best option of your choice. It is the popular antivirus worldwide that millions of people use to protect their data. However, Avast’s secure browser has excellent protection for its users. It is free for use in windows, androids, and iOs systems.

Avast Secure Browser best browser for PC & Mobile

It is one of the most popular antiviruses that gets a higher number of reviews on the Google play store as a safe and secure browser. Moreover, Avast secure browsers have all the security and protection measures on a chromium basis. If you visit any insecure page, then a chromium message pops up to protect you from malware. 


  • It has high-value protection for all devices
  • Free version for android 
  • Easy to use and install


  • It is expensive for windows
  • In 2020 Avast sold the data of users

Bottom line 

So it is a great protective browser, but 2020 news of selling the data makes it insecure for the users.

Conclusion- Best Browser for PC & Mobile 

If you are ended up here then we can expect that you can know different browsers and can distinguish which browser is best for you. But if it’s not the case, we are here to assist you further. Have a glance at our final recommendation

  • Google Chrome- Overall best browser with lots of features and privacy options
  • Mozilla Firefox- Fastest, customizable browser with tons of features
  • Opera- Most reliable, powerful, and best for privacy
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