7 Best Benchmarking Software for PC

Whether you want to build your dream drive for a specific game or want to know if upgrading any part of your system would be suitable for your device, benchmarking software would provide technical details by running benchmark tests for your system so that you can act accordingly. So, we’ve got you covered. This round up about the Best Benchmarking Software for PC. So, running a benchmark test is the fastest yet reliable way to assess the PC’s hardware performance. It allows you to rule out other irrelevant issues and pinpoint the exact issue with hardware components. 

But how a benchmarking suite would help me to assess my hardware’s components- you might be wondering. Well, it assesses three core components. Voltages, core speeds, and temperatures. Then it records the results and compares them to grade your PC’s performance. This way, you can gauge the performance of the system. Moreover, you can overclock your system and get all information about the speed performance, and efficiency of the system.

7 Best Benchmarking Software for PC

Here outlined below are our top picks in the category of best benchmarking software for PC. Let’s have a look into each by yourself.

  1. HWMonitor
  2. Novabench 
  3. 3DMark
  4. SiSoftware
  5. UserBenchmark 
  6. CPU-Z
  7. PCMark 10

The above-mentioned is the handpicked list of the Best Benchmarking programs. This list contains all programs that have amazing features. You don’t need to get your hands dirty choosing an arbitrary program that contains bugs and harms your system. So, choose a program from the list that best meets your demands. 

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Best Benchmarking Software for PC 

Let’s take a peek at each benchmarking program and decide which one is perfect for you.  

1. HWMonitor- Lightweight Benchmarking Suite 

HWMonitor Best Benchmarking Software

If you want a solid solution to assess the system’s hardware components then HWMonitor is a great option to consider. This freeware is loaded with many features that won’t charge you a single penny. The foremost feature is remote monitoring. It allows you to monitor the sensors of PCs.

Moreover, it has an enhanced user interface, you can edit sensors easily. Also, it offers convenience to users. If you want to save monitoring data it allows you to generate logging graphs. Using this software you can monitor your components’ power, voltages, fan, and temperature. 


  • Easy to use
  • Monitors components of systems 
  • Offers portable and installer version 
  • It provides real-time data reading displays 


  • Limited features 
  • It does not alert you to a program 

Bottom line 

This program is free to download and does not come with a lot of extras. But it contains all those features that monitor your component’s performance and record your computer’s vital statistics. It is easy to use and equally suitable for novice and expert users. 

2. Novabench – Best Benchmarking Software

novabench as Best Benchmarking Software

This benchmarking software for PC can test your CPU, GPU, RAM, and Graphics card. It provides information about your system’s performance, compares it to other systems, and keeps track of detailed findings. It contains a portable version that is present with a free version and an installer version that is offered in the premium version.

It is pretty easy to use that even novice users can use this system and has an extremely simple interface. You can benchmark your system easily without struggling a lot. If you want to test the system’s gaming performance, then you would like its 3D mark type that is best for gamers. 


  • It is an all in one solution for testing CPU, GPU, and RAM 
  • Robust software with efficient functionality
  • Detailed online database
  • Easy to use program 


  • Does not identify strong and weak components
  • Tends to crash due to its stability issues

Bottom line

It is a great tool to test a computer’s components. It gives updates about system performance regularly and monitors changes over time. 

3. 3DMark- Best Benchmarking Software for Gaming 

3D mark is a much-needed program for benchmarking, testing, and comparing the performance of gaming PCs. It automatically scans your hardware and enables you to find the optimal test for your device. It contains all features that you need to test your system’s performance. All in all, it is best for testing gaming PCs and tablets 

Even the non-tech users might find it an easy-to-use program. It features three tests that are designed for specific devices, according to their capacity. If you are using a tablet or an entry-level PC you might like Ice Storm. While Cloud Gate is suitable for home PCs and notebooks. High-performance gaming PCs need a Fire Strike. 


  • Offers stress testing for overclockers
  • High performance
  • Compares your PC performance to other gaming devices 
  • Cross-platform suite


  • A bit costlier than others

Bottom line

It tops the list of popular gaming benchmarks that test the performance of gaming rigs. It is a great tool for gamers and overclockers. This cross-platform software is suitable for all devices. 

4. SiSoftware – Powerful Benchmark Software

SiSoftware Benchmark Program

SiSoftware is one of the oldest benchmarking suites that has improved a lot and many improvements are made with its every new generation. This benchmark suite provides detailed information about your system’s hardware. 

Whether your system gets overclocked or it is running slow, it gives an accurate estimate of the speed of your hardware and examines software potential. Moreover, it has an intuitive and clear interface with tools to assess both the software and hardware components. 

It tests your computer’s memory bandwidth, benchmarks your network performance and computer’s power efficiency. After testing your system’s performance it shows the performance in the form of graphical representation. The graphs and charts representing the performance and scoring of each test compare the shown results to that of reference computers. 


  • Effectively optimize the system
  • Contains many speed measuring tools
  • Online reference database
  • Benchmark your CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and virtual machine


  • Compatible with Windows only

Bottom line 

For Windows users, it is the most commonly used benchmarking tool that checks the system performance and speed of your network. It is available as freeware, but for advanced users its premium version is available. 

5. UserBenchmark- Freemium Benchmarking Tool

UserBenchmark Best Benchmarking Software

It is a free benchmark software that offers a piece of detailed information about your system’s performance. The most attractive thing about this benchmark is that it is available for private users worldwide. So it is a non-commercial suite with zero marketing and user-based features. 

You can make a perfect rig using this suite. It evaluates CPU, GPU, Hard Drive, SSD, USB drives and compares the results with other graphic cards. 

Not only does it test the performance of each component of your system but also it allows you to know which component is underperforming. As a whole, it offers solutions to improve the PC configuration. 


  • Small in size and simplest benchmark for Windows
  • Free of irritating add
  • Available as free software
  • Test and build a PC from scratch


  • Available for Windows only 

Bottom line

If you are finding trouble finding the best hardware, then User Benchmark software will do this for you. It benchmarks your system’s components and enables you to know how to improve system performance.

6. CPU-Z- Best Benchmarking Tool for CPU 

CPU-Z free benchmarking software

Like all the above-mentioned benchmarking software it provides analysis of hardware of PC. As the name suggests, its main focus is on the system’s CPU performance and covers all the information about the speed, processor, and memory storage. 

It is important to know the PC’s compatibility with the components before upgrading it. Here, the CPU-Z- role comes into play. It allows you to decide and make changes related to hardware where required. So, using this tool you can decide whether a specific part after upgrading would show compatibility with the PC or not. We’ve found it as the best, lightweight software with everything that we need to test hardware. Plus, it contains many advanced features too, which makes it stand out from the rest. 


  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • Shows detailed information about hardware specifications
  • Can overclock your GPU
  • Saves offline reports 


  • Don’t monitor the temperature of the device  

Bottom line

It is worth having a suite that provides an impressive collection of raw data about GPU and thoroughly identifies your PC’s components. 

7. PCMark 10- Best All-in-one suite 

PCMark 10 Best Benchmarking Software

The last on our list is one of the leading benchmarking software. It is easy to use and covers many tests to run. After testing it compares its results with other systems. Overall, it is very fast and efficient and does not take much time for benchmarking. 

Thanks to its basic, advanced, and professional versions that allow you to use it according to your needs. If you are in search of basic software for benching with limited features then its basic version is all that you need. If you want detailed hardware charts, graphics and many advanced benchmarks, its professional and advanced version would enable you to check video chatting, web browsing, rendering, and much more.


  • Measures PC performance efficiently
  • Offers different performance runs 
  • Fast and free software
  • Run benchmark for browsing, videos, photo editing, gaming, and much more 


  • The interface is not user-friendly
  • The free version lacks gaming tests

Bottom line

It is a holistic performance suit that measures system performance and produces scoring for comparison. Its benchmarking tool is great for real-time graphics, visualizing, gaming and rendering. 

Conclusion- Best Benchmarking Software

All the benchmarking suite reviews in this roundup allow you to quantify your system’s performance. We hope you would find the best benchmarking suite for your system. But still, you haven’t found the best program then you should try Novabench that is the overall best suite with lots of features for benchmarking. Also, give a try to our top pick HWMonitor that is a lightweight and simple program that offers great solutions for hardware monitoring. While for gaming 3DMark makes the right choice. 

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