8 Best Antispyware Software of 2021

With modernization, hackers have adopted modern methods to steal data. Many individuals and businesses are getting victims of spyware. Admittedly, the internet is a colossal blessing! But it has paved a way to threaten our security system. This way it has put our data under constant threat from malware including spyware.  Fortunately, Best Antispyware Software comes in handy to combat such threats. 

Spyware is a common type of malware that can be disguised as legitimate software. The worst type of malware! It is linked with hackers. It is a way to steal your personal and online information without letting you know. But how to identify malware? Spyware is an infection that can affect your system in the following ways:

  • Computer’s performance is affected
  • Irritating and unknown pop-ups start emerging
  • Your email contacts are sending spam messages from your mail address
  • Websites redirection

List of the Best Antispyware Software 

  1. Malware bytes
  2. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  3. Norton 360
  4. McAfee Total Protection
  5. SUPERAntiSpyware
  6. SpywareBlaster
  7. Sparta Antivirus
  8. LifeLock 

To protect your system we have compiled a list that contains antispyware and other antimalware protection features. Let’s break down the list. 

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1. Malware bytes- Our Top Pick

Malware bytes best Antispyware software

Malware bytes is one of the most commonly known antispyware programs. Though it has evolved a lot in the recent few years it retains its panache and is still known for its ability to combat spyware. Additionally, it also protects against ransomware and adware. Using this tool you can scan registry values and running processes. Once the scanning process is complete you can locate spyware. It has a greater tendency to find spyware.

From single files to folders and hard drives it scans all of them thoroughly. Moreover, it contains a heuristics analyzer that identifies potentially unwanted programs. Another bonus for big business is that it safeguard their data from online threats. After detecting any threats it galvanizes into taking measurements to assure safety and security. 


  • Identify all types of malware
  • Locate potentially unwanted programs
  • Offers customizable scan settings


  • Automatic options are available only in the premium version
  • Lacks many features 

Bottom line 

This antispyware tool offers complete protection from spyware and makes sure that your system remains secure. Though it lacks some extras, it is not a dealbreaker as it provides spyware protection to a great extent. 

2. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense- Best Antispyware software for PC

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

It is another big-hitter that is a VB100-certified malware blocking software. Using sophisticated behavior-monitoring techniques it deploys reactive and proactive anti-malware strategies to detect malware. 

Amazingly, its malware killer solution effectively blocks and kills viruses, malware, and spyware. So, if you want a complete solution then this software is the best and offers all one solution for different issues. 

Moreover, it enhances the performance of your system, declutters junk files, and fixes issues to overall optimize your system’s performance. Now talking about its interface it is easy to use and contains highly customizable settings. 


  • Optimize PC performance
  • Full-featured software
  • Very stable
  • Easy to use and clear interface


  • Expensive 
  • Available for Windows only 

Bottom line

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a security suite with an excellent malware killer solution for Windows. It includes 7 incredible features for malware removal, driver wiper, privacy protection, recovery tools, PC repair tools, password manager, and antivirus. 

3. Norton 360- Best Overall Antispyware software 

Norton 360 best antivirus and Antispyware software

Here comes another best antispyware software that has the best antivirus engine. It detects spyware, and with real-time protection, it prevents them to enter your system. Moreover, it protects all personal information that is available online. Plus, you will get many privacy features like data broker scanning, smart firewall, VPN, webcam protection, and password manager to enable it to provide internet security for online information. 

Norton contains many scan options including a quick scan that scans many files, custom scans, and Norton insight. This way it thoroughly scans your system to fix potential issues. Along with that, it detects phishing sites and offers good anti-phishing protection. Its tune-up tools offer device optimization by defragmenting the hard drive, shows a graphical representation of your timeline activity, and boosts your system speed.  


  • Projects against all kinds of malware and spyware
  • Intelligent firewall for Windows and Mac
  • Most effective tool to block phishing sites and viruses
  • Easy to install and use


  • Uses more RAM
  • Limited iPhone compatibility 

Bottom line 

It offers unbeatable malware and spyware protection. Apart from that it scans your system, blocks phishing sites, and optimizes your device. 

4. McAfee Total Protection- Best internet security suite 

McAfee is one of the best Antispyware Tool and antivirus

Getting spyware protection software that offers internet security and the best VPNs is great. McAfee Total Protection is that must-have tool that contains these and many other features too. Besides protecting the system it also protects itself from malware that can shut down this program. 

Furthermore, its privacy features like file shredder, tracker remover, and password manager aim to assure privacy. Though it provides enough spyware protection it lacks some features that are present in its competitors. At the same time, you will get unlimited VPN services that make it stand out from the rest. 


  • Clean interface
  • Good spyware protection
  • Unlimited VPN services


  • Uses so many system’s resources during scans
  • Webcam protection 

Bottom line

For security-conscious individuals, this total security suite aims to cover all security and privacy factors. Therefore, it provides full coverage and good spyware protection. If you want a single suite for large families then it is a better option available at suitable rates. 

5. SUPERAntiSpyware- Best Free Antispyware


This freeware protects your system from spyware and gets rid of the malware. It allows you to control its scanning options and overall it scans files or data containing spyware. You can set up scan files and use scan boosts to scan your whole computer. Its scanning ability stands out from the rest. In terms of virus detection, it is not as powerful as its competitors but it makes sure that it detects spyware with greater accuracy and also makes your system free from spyware. 

An al-powered detection engine, automatic updates, real-time threat blocking, and email notifications are the main features of this software. It is available as a freeware and premium program. If you want complete spyware protection then SUPERAntiSpyware free plan is well suited and makes a good choice. 


  • Several scanning tools
  • Excellent features in the free version 
  • Easy to use interface for inexperienced users
  • Allows you to scan anywhere you want 


  • Lacks automatic updates

Bottom line 

One of the best anti-spyware tools that offer, scan complete spyware protection along with some basic antivirus protection features. It is a good choice if you want to complement your existing antivirus program. This is a great idea to get full-fledged security and protection. 

6. SpywareBlaster- Best Antispyware Software for browsing protection


As an internet user, you might have heard of ActiveX- a tool with interactive website content. Unfortunately, hackers are using this program to access the system of its users. They can steal your data and access your webcam. 

Thankfully, SpywareBlaster is a great tool that blocks ActiveX malware. Unlike other antivirus tools, it does not scan your computer but only blocks the entry of spyware and prevents them from entering your system. 


  • Blocks incoming threats
  • Free and paid versions with amazing features
  • Full web protection 
  • Restores files damaged by spyware 


  • Lacks antivirus protection features
  • Limited malware protection 
  • Can not detect already existing spyware on your device 

Bottom line

It makes a good combination with an antivirus suite to protect your system completely. It offers full spyware protection and protects your browser from hijackers. Above all, it blocks the entry of spyware and incoming threats. 

7. Sparta Antivirus- Best Antispyware Software for Home Users

SPARTA Antivirus

In this list of anti-spyware programs, Sparta Antivirus is an internet security tool with the best antivirus protection features. You can use this program for home use and it makes sure that you get full online security. It offers protection from scammers and hijackers. 

Anyone who tries to steal your data fails in his intentions as it provides security and protection against spyware programs. Your intelligent data, personal data, family pictures, and email passwords will remain secure by this program. Indeed its advanced real-time monitoring is great to detect spyware located at any site. 


  • Great optimization tool
  • Restore your data and system to their original state
  • Spyware protection


  • Understands only English language 

Bottom line 

Sparta antivirus includes good spyware featured that scan the threatening data and protects against them. You can find it great for home users who want to keep their data safe from potential spyware and online threats. 

8. LifeLock- Best malware protection 

LifeLock best Antispyware software

This offers complete malware protection including antivirus, anti-ransomware, and anti-spyware features. With Norton 360 it makes a perfect combo that gives unbeatable protection. You can get multi-layers of protection to your digital data, accounts, and devices. 

It alerts you from online threats and its secure VPNs block information on public Wi-Fi. Hackers have found modern ways to harm the security of others and to steal other’s data. But LifeLock is the ultimate solution that gives full coverage from hackers. It makes sure to protect your online data.


  • Free trial for one month
  • Block hackers
  • Secure data 
  • Protect your identity 


  • A bit pricier
  • Scan speed is not fast 

Bottom line

With Norton, it blocks more than 7 million threats daily. It warns its users from online threats and presents a solution for coverage of these threats and hackers. Plus, it offers full malware protection.

Conclusion- Best Antispyware Software

We all want to keep our online assets and data private. Many malicious players are trying to harvest our data and becoming audacious as the technology evolves. So it becomes crucial to have the best antispyware software. In this roundup, we have provided you with the spyware tools that block and kill spyware.

Do you really want to protect your heaps of data? If yes, Malware bytes is the best tool. Norton 360 and McAfee Total Security are otherwise best spyware protection tools with full-fledged antivirus and anti-spyware features. 

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