Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review

All set for making a video? That’s great! You have made efforts from pre-production to the production stage. But it’s not enough! Besides choosing the right camera equipment you should focus on the final stage of video making which is the post-production stage or video editing stage. So we’ve got you covered. This round-up is all about the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review which is a powerful video editor. 

Back in 1991, video editing software was developed to complete your videos to the post-production stage. Till now, it has got much popularity and is considered the gold standard software. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Premiere Pro CC. Do you want to know more about this software? Let’s dive deep into its review and hold to a cup of coffee while riding through the different aspects of this review. 

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC review is the most powerful video editing program that contains a wealth of stunning features. We can not justice the premiere pro CC in just a short review. It has evolved a lot from the past two decades and transformed into stable and powerful software.

Its versatility allows you to use this for different filming purposes too. Not only it gives fine finishing to your videos but also you can use it for feature films. With its seamless collaboration with other apps, you can access all tools that you need for your project.

Interestingly, Adobe has a social media platform where users communicate with each other and can showcase or see masterpieces of each other. As a whole, it’s a perfect tool for professionals to create astonishing masterpieces for their complex tasks.  

Why should you consider Adobe Premiere Pro CC? 

Premiere contains a ton of features that make it stand out from the rest. So, without wasting time, let’s have a look at its features that shine more than anything. 


Aobe Premiere Pro CC interface

It comes with a flexible interface. It means that it allows you to drag around windows to reach the icons and bottoms available there. The dark tone of the background makes the text displayed on the screen more readable.

So, Its interface is quite easy on the eyes. Aside from good looking appearance, its interface is also easy to use. Just navigate left to right to select its different modes. It allows you to split panels and create your custom workspace. If you like a clean interface you can add or remove buttons to make it more user-friendly. 

Though it has a hefty download once downloaded its user-friendly interface shows many tutorials and guides to enable beginners to use it efficiently. Ignore the tutorials if you are aware of this software and jump straight to the projects.

Effects and Transitions 

premiere pro CC effects and transitions

You can add spectacular effects to your videos. With chroma-keying, you can combine video tracks and add effects to them. Additionally, coloring, transitioning, and lighting are other well-known effects that you can find easily by navigating the search box.

After finding these effects you can apply them by double-clicking. If you want to smooth the bumpy videos, its Warp Stabilize feature provides a clear and smooth video with perfect borders. 

Although its transitions look gimmicky, you can make the cuts astonishing by adding different transitions. By default, it has 38 transition options. Of course, you can get more by installing plug-ins. Additionally, in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC review, you are going to know a lot more than this.

Furthermore, multi-camera angle editing enables you to accommodate many angles in your projects. And it sync videos based on audios also, it records angle changes and allows you to adjust the cuts. 

Auto Reframe 

Premiere Pro CC auto reframe

Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t upload it after creating a video because it was not formatted properly? Premiere Pro CC analyzes the videos to reformat and resize them accordingly. What’s more, the automatic key frames enable you to tweak the framing and make your videos perfect for uploading. 

Improvements in Premiere Pro CC

Besides all that features, many other improvements have been made to this version that will certainly benefit your workflow. 

  • New underline button to underline the tiles
  • Speed up footage up to 20,000 percent
  • 15 dB audio gain range 
  • Rename shape and clip layers 
  • Text fields in motion graphics
  • Support for many formats
  • Encoding presets for exporting files 

Pricing and packages 

As a subscription-based system, it offers two packages to its users. Single app and full subscription packages. These packages are popular among popular editors who deal with the bulk of projects and need many tools for their work. 

It’s all up to you if you are an occasional user you can opt for the cheaper ones. But with its premier packages, however, you’d find something fantastic that you can never dream of. This Adobe Premiere Pro CC review will guide you to buy this program in a true manner.

It contains many applications that you would love. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe, and After effects top the list of applications. Its different packages have different storage. Another bonus, it offers you a free trial of seven days and that’s amazing. Free trial is associated with two aspects. First the useful one is that it’s free for seven days.

In case you want to buy its packages, its free-trial would give you enough ideas to think about it. Second, the frustrating fact is that you need to enter your credit card to even use the trial option. You will be charged in case you forgot to cancel it. 

Comparing its full package with a monthly individual package, we’ll get to know that its full package comprises a vast library of applications that is far less expensive than the individual package. With that said, you will get a great experience at a reasonable cost. 

Tools available in packages

Media Converter, After Effects, and Premiere Rush, are the top-notch tools that are available in the packages. Let’s have a glance at each tool to know how it works with Premiere Pro CC

If you want to spell magic in your videos After Effects add complex visual effects to your videos.  Unlike common effects and filters, this top-notch tool allows you to edit videos for making complex and high-grade professional tasks.

Even though it allows you to convert files between different formats. With a compressive tool like Media Converter, you can covert different videos in the required formats. 

You can also access the separate editor named Premiere Rush that is simple, clean, and easy to use. Indeed, a great choice for those who want a simple editor. Simple though it is, innovative too! 

Apart from that, you can add animations to your clips or create an animated video with Adobe Animate. 

System requirements 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Below mentioned are the system requirements. 

  • 64 bit Windows system
  • MacOS 10.12
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM
  • Minimum of 8GB of hard drive space
  • 6th generation Intel CPU

Perks and Snags of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

User-friendly interface: Its interface is clean and simple. Most of its tools are easy and you won’t need to worry about the complexity. Also, the easy-to-understand tutorials make it more clear and easy for beginners. Above all, you can customize the workplace and modify the shortcuts according to your preference.

Best in-built editing tools: Multicam editing edits videos enabling you to use multiple cameras, adjust their angles, and sync footages. Plus, it uses 16 label colors that add visual organization to the timeline. Editing and trimming tools enable you to edit efficiently with track targeting.

Excellent Collaborative services: Since it offers collaborations with other members you can edit and share projects in real-time. It seems quite helpful when you are working with other team members and want to share sequences with them. 

Multiple layers and motion graphics: It offers many effects and tools to adjust layouts, add text and form dynamic graphics.

Advanced color correction: Till now many new color grading curves have been introduced in Premiere. You can change the color scheme and add different tones of colors. Additionally, it is enriched with many color grades that you can use for your projects.

Admittedly, it is loaded with many perks but at the same time, you’ll find a few snags too. 

Strong system requirements: If your device does not have a strong processor or its RAM does not meet its system requirements, you might feel disappointed because it runs on strong devices only. 

A bit pricier: Although it offers many applications still some users find its monthly fees a bit higher than that of alternatives. 

Conclusion of Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review

For professional video editors, Premiere is an asset. and after going through Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review, it aims to make video editing easy for all users. It offers all tools and essential features that an editor requires. And it does everything for you to make editing a fun-loving activity. You can find it equally suitable for simple editing tasks to complex projects.

In essence, this powerful software comes with many subscription packages for all levels of professionals. Hopefully, you find this review helpful in making a decision- should I take a plunge or not? And enable you to learn a lot about this software.  

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