6 Best Backup Tools for Windows PC

Fast-forward to today, the digital storage system is trending and putting you at risk of losing your precious data. Sometimes your PC gets corrupted or an accidental failure of a hard drive requires you to back up your system to a safe trove. Therefore, we have introduced the Best Backup Tools for Windows PC that safeguard your Windows PC. 

The backup tool copies your files from the hard drive and stores them in a separate location that may be an external drive, data card, or another hard drive. It saves your data from a ransomware attack and assures that all your valuable data including photos, videos, files, and projects are protected from accidental attacks. 

List of the 6 Best Backup Software

Listed below are some well-researched and professionally recommended Best Backup Tools for Windows PC.

  1. Acronis True Image
  2. Macrium Reflect
  3. EaseUS Todo Backup
  4. Paragon Backup and Recovery
  5. NovaBackup
  6. StorageCraft

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Best Backup Tools for Windows PC

Backing up the data and restoring it is not an easy task. Therefore, we have included easy-to-use programs in the above-mentioned loss that allow users to operate the programs without any hassle. Furthermore, the programs are perfect for Windows users and cater to different requirements of users.

1. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image-Best Backup Tool

This feature-rich program deserves to be on the top of the list of best backup tools for Windows PC. It can perform both incremental and differential backups. Also, it allows you to backup the entire PC or some files only. Furthermore, it is integrated with the cloud and allows you to access it across different devices. Also, it shows support for Office Cloud 365. This too, makes it easy for users to backup and restore important data. 

Moreover, it also allows you to use an external hard drive to automatically backup your system after detecting the external media. This way, it provides the fastest automatic backup tool that is easy and far better than manual backup. Encrypted vault, a holistic backup solution, allows you to store your backups.

Another striking thing about this program is Parallels Access Feature. Using this feature you can access your system or make changes remotely while using your mobile phone. It also saves from catastrophic failure. It features Acronis Survive Kit which provides a complete backup and restore to the system. 

 Besides backup tools, it features ransomware protection tools. So it keeps your system free from malware and ransomware attacks. 


  • One month free trial 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Offers anti-ransomware protection to keep your system safe 
  • Backup does not interrupt your system 


  • Subscription options are expensive 

Bottom line 

It comes with a plethora of features and provides all types of backups and assures the security of your system from threats. 

2. Macrium Reflect – Best Backup Software

Macrium Reflect- Best Backup Tool for Windows

Back in 2006, the founder of Macrium designed this program after facing the data disaster personally. He, therefore, came out with the solution and designed Macrium Reflect- a backup tool. It is a powerful tool that is loaded with tons of valuable features. Whether you want to schedule a backup, create a full backup image, or clone a disk it does all this perfectly. To get many other features you need to buy a paid version. Moreover, its free version is sufficient for general users as it contains all essential features for creating a backup of the system. 

Since Macrium is not easy to use and is better suited for professionals, it does not mean that novice user can’t use it. In reality, it also allows them to create a thorough backup of the Windows. 

Furthermore, it features all types of backup methods. If you are moving to a new PC it provides a complete backup by copying everything on your PC. Besides, it creates a full image backup using incremental and differential backup tools. Incremental being the fastest and small method saves your backup time more than differential backup. 


  • Supports external hard drive backup 
  • Contains three types of backup methods 
  • Schedule password protection 
  • Amazing features in a free version including incremental backup 


  • Complex tool 
  • Tech support is for experts only 

Bottom line

Macrium Reflect is a bit complex tool that provides backup, cloning, and disc imaging. It offers a fast and easy method for recovering individual files. Its features are useful for both personal and commercial users. 

3. EaseUs Todo Backup- Flexible Backup Tool

EaseUS Todo Backup- Flexible Best Backup Tool

Sometimes getting a backup of files is not enough. We need a more secure and seamless recovery solution. In such instances, EaseUs Todo Backup comes in handy. It allows you to create a backup of files and disk images of drives and upload the backup to Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. 

If you want an option to backup your Android devices after a factory reset then it would provide a backup Android devices option. Furthermore, if the issue is not in your Android device, but your PC is causing trouble to start up it allows you to create a bootable WinPE recovery disk. This way it assures the recovery of your PC.

Above all, it provides flexibility to users to backup files. You can change the compressions settings of a specific backup. It assures the security of passwords while backing up a disc and copies security settings. When backing up a system some users prefer an individual disk clone while others want to create a full system clone. Either way, it provides both types of clones. 


  • An affordable program that offers flexible 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Great home usage offers and business options 
  • Contains many advanced features 


  • The free tier Lacks many frills and extras 

Bottom line 

EaseUs Todo Backup is an easy-to-use program that backups a disc, drive, and partition. It offers a powerful backup of individual files and whole folders. Also, it protects your backups and supports scheduled backups. 

4. Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery- All-round Best Backup Tool

From usual backups to complex backups and automated backups this program offers a complete backup solution. You can backup certain partitions or entire hard discs. Also, it backup specific folders to recovery media. If you want to transfer backup media to a portable storage device this program allows you to transfer them after compressing or splitting backup files into smaller pieces. 

Furthermore, you can exclude some directories after filtering them out. Amazingly, it creates bootable media for your system and runs recovery tools to save your corrupted PC. This way, it recovers your system and replaces the corrupt disc with a backup image of the disc. Plus, it allows you to update data based on deviously backed-up files. This simple yet feature-rich program has everything that a user needs for home-usage.

Because it lacks background services, therefore, it offers quick restoration and backups. As a whole, it contains disk management tools that are easy to use and meets a range of backup needs. Lastly, it creates bootable ISO and USB drives and proves to be the best backup tool. 


  • Super-slick interface
  • A variety of backup options to choose from 
  • Free for non-commercial use 
  • Creates full or partial backups 


  • Lacks bundled cloud storage 
  • The free version lacks a feature for business use 

Bottom line 

It is our favorite tool that keeps your data and PC safe from hardware failures and allows your Windows system to operate effectively after creating a backup image and restoring your data. 

5. NovaBackup- Best Software for Basic Use

NovaBackup- Best Backup Tool for Basic Use

NovaBackup is the fastest, flexible and elegant data restoring software. It is excellent for basic use and allows you to perform basic backup like it creates a backup copy of your hardware drivers on your local media. You might find it great for small and large organizations. 

Furthermore, it features local and cloud backups. Also, it allows automatic backups to save your time. It supports advanced backup features and cloud storage options. Its restoring speed is 2.53GB per minute which is 320 MB more than the second fastest restoring speed. The nova backup software can restore data in 6.5 hours.

The security feature of this software stands out from the rest. Moreover, it does not require an internet connection to run back and security options. But to gain security features, protection from hardware failure, and ransomware protection you need to buy an annual subscription for your PC. It offers backup files and folders on Windows devices. 


  • Helpful video tutorials 
  • Useful business options 
  • Basic backup solution 
  • Offers protection and highly secure 


  • Clustered interface 
  • Not integrated with file explorer 

Bottom line 

It is a solid backup solution for basic backup tasks and provides extra security to your system. Overall, it is easy to use and does not use many resources for backup and restoration. It offers a list of features that are available at a reasonable price. 

6. StorageCraft- Best for Cloud-based Storage 

StorageCraft-best backup tool for storage users

Our last pick is the best backup tool for business use that is suitable for cloud storage. It exclusively creates a backup for cloud storage and stores them in the most reliable and powerful data centers such as Amazon S3 data centers and Microsoft Azure. Although it is a bit more expensive than other programs it is worth every penny spent on it. 

Besides backup, it also offers disaster recovery solutions. It eliminates the chance of complete data loss while running the backup. Therefore, it makes sure that your data is backed up completely. Also, it performs incremental and continuous backup to restore your system quickly. Besides backing up PC Windows, it also protects servers, Linux, and laptop Windows.

Overall it is the most suitable tool for scheduling and managing backup, replicating, and testing them. At times when you’re busy performing other tasks and don’t have time to perform backup maintenance tasks, this powerful tool automatically makes backup images and copies and saves your time and effort. 


  • A robust tool that uses VirtualBoot technology to boot a system and provides fast recovery 
  • Cloud servers are great to restore damaged data in case of disaster 
  • Create image-based backups and offers flexibility and reliable recovery 
  • Offers automated and scheduled backups 


  • Expensive program 
  • Only suitable for businesses not an ideal option for home usage 

Bottom line 

It offers a reliable and manageable solution to handle backups and recovery tasks. It effectively handles critical virtual and physical servers including Windows. This advanced tool is designed for businesses and makes backup copies quickly without wasting your time. 

Conclusion- Best Backup Tool for Windows PC 

In this era of digitalization, we are mostly depending on digital media for our tasks. They have eased our daily tasks. But at the same time, there is a greater chance to lose our data. So, in such instances, backup tools come in handy. If you are here to find the best backup tool then we’d recommend Acronis True Image. Also, Macrium Reflect is a great pick for those who want a free solution. If you want cloud storage, you can choose StorageCraft. 

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  3. […] You may want to give a read to 6 Best Backup Tools for Windows PC. […]

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