6 Best 3D Rendering Software

3D Rendering is probably the most in-demand profession. Therefore, to be proficient in this profession you need the Best 3D Rendering Software. Let’s begin our discussion with what is 3D Rendering. Whether it’s social media, animated cartoons, or digital magazines, all the images are created by the process of 3D Rendering. 3D rendered images have becomes the most crucial content in advertising, marketing, and content production.

Hence, 3D Rendering is the process to turn an image from 3D into 2D. The ease that 3D rendering software provides is they convert models into such an image that could be seen by anyone. And excludes the use of special software for this. The 3D Rendering software lets users add textures, lighting, and weather conditions to make the environment look more real and natural. Therefore, if you are a beginner or even a professional you can try your hands on this software to further enhance your skills.

List of Best 3D Rendering Software

Even if you have a basic know-how of this field you would have realized that 3D Rendering is a complex task, and you need to spend a lot of time and effort to conquer this skill. Well, gone are the days when such software was accessible only to large organizations. Now, there are plenty of software available on the internet that has improved processing and functioning.

The problem that most of the 3D renders encounter is, choosing the software that is best suitable for them. You may be considering your budget, quality, feature, etc. Well, we bring answers to all your concerns by providing you a list of the 6 best 3D rendering software. They would allow you to do 3D modeling, rendering, and refining in the best possible way.

  1. Cinema 4D
  2. Blender
  3. Houdini
  4. LuxCoreRender
  5. Autodesk 3ds Max
  6. Lightwave 3D

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1. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D best 3D Rendering Software

The first 3D rendering software we have got on our list is Cinema 4D. It is known to be the best software both for beginners and professionals that is because of its user-friendly interface. Cinema 4D keeps on updating its features, one of the latest updates that it launched is its functionality to easily obtain and browse models.

Moreover, it has developed its name to such an extent that it is being called a second to none when it comes to animation simulation, 3D modeling, and rendering software solutions. Cinema 4D comes with thousands of video tutorials to remove the learning curve. Not just, but it takes learning even beyond by conducting the live webinars to help you further.

Cinema 4D is a fast and powerful tool that lets you do your job in the best possible way. You get to make interesting designs and 3D models once you learn this software completely.


  • Cinema 4D comes with a large number of plugins.
  • It is a well-equipped and fully functioned 3D rendering software.
  • You get to use the irradiance cache that brings your renders to global illuminations.
  • It’s quite stable software that is to say that it would never crash while working.


  • Cinema 4D comes with expensive pricing.
  • You get to have limited features in its free version.


CINEMA 4D Monthly Subscription Pricing is $94.00/mo. when billed monthly. However, CINEMA 4D Annual Subscription Pricing is $59.91/mo. when billed annually.

2. Blender


Blender is yet another best 3D rendering software. It is used widely because of its powerful features and functioning. This software is quite capable of supporting animation, stimulation, rigging, video editing, rendering, composition, modeling, and motion tracking. Not just this but Blender offers both GPU and CPU rendering which is quite wonderful.

Moreover, Blender is free and open-source software. This means beginners and those who are budget conscious can go for this software without giving any second thought. It comes with a powerful rendering engine which is called Cycle. This engine allows you to do the extremely realistic rendering.

Not just this, but Blender is known to the best when it comes to usability. It has many distinguishing features, some of these include unidirectional path tracing with multiple importance sampling, HDR lighting support, real-time viewport previews, VR rendering support, and PBR shaders.


  • Blender is known to be the best 3D rendering software for animations.
  • It comes with a feature of skin modifier that lets you use edges to draw shapes and generate a simple mesh in no time.
  • With the keyboard shortcuts of Blender, you get to do your job quickly.
  • It has various built-in tools for efficient model designing.


  • You might face the slightest bit of a learning curve with Blender.
  • For smooth functioning, you have to memorize its functionalities.


Blender offers its services completely free of cost.

3. Houdini


Houdini has widely been used in the VFX industry to create best-in-class 3D imagers. Its most recent updates are focusing on shading lightning, fluids system, modeling tools, and animation toolsets. This rendering software is quite capable of bridging multiple polygons at the same time. Moreover, if you made any transformations to the geometry, it is automatically uploaded on the stream so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Houdini’s node-based approach provides digital artists with an unprecedented level of control, power, and flexibility. It also had traditional tools for users to directly interact with polygons on the screen. It comes with a free version to provide ease to students, hobbyists, and beginners.

Moreover, Houdini is an easy software, to begin with. Once you get familiar with its basic features you can switch to its professional version. You would be amazed at the endless possibilities that it comes with.


  • Houdini focuses more on physically based rendering.
  • You get to use ragdoll dynamics for crowds.
  • Its recent updates have a massive addition to the shader system.
  • With Houdini modeling tools you get to do simple poly modeling.


  • It lacks functioning document automation.
  • The frequent update causes confusion about new features.


Houdini comes with has a free version. However, its Houdini Core version costs $1,995 USD annually, the Houdini FX version costs $4,495 USD annually, and Houdini Engine costs $499 USD annually.

4. LuxCoreRender

luxcorerender for 3d rendering

LuxCoreRender is yet another 3D rendering software that is fully packed with all the useful features. It fully supports high dynamic range rendering. Such support allows it to accurately capture a wide range of phenomenon. Moreover, it stimulates the flow of light according to the physical equations making it possible to produce realistic images.

This rendering software doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to material types. It has a range of material types from a physically accurate representation of glass to generic materials like glossy. Moreover, you get to mix and modify these materials as per your needs. These materials come with normal and bump mapping support.

The distinguishing features that it comes equipped with, include depth of field, tone mapping and motion blur, and lens effects. In addition to these, you get to pause and continue your editing because LuxCoreRender supports interactive and dynamic scene editing. You get to use instanced objects using this 3D rendering software.


  • LuxCoreRender provides its services completely free of cost.
  • It is based on OpenCL that allows you to use GPU.
  • You use this software for different 3D programs.
  • LuxCoreRender is an interesting alternative for Mac users.


  • It fails to support network rendering.
  • LuxCoreRender lacks solid documentation.


This 3D rendering software is completely free.

5. Autodesk 3ds Max

autodesk 3ds max best 3D Rendering Software

Autodesk 3ds Max is a popular 3D max graphic software that allows you to create exceptional designs with powerful tools and functions. It is widely being used by TV commercial studios, video game developers, and architectural visualization studios. Autodesk 3ds Max comes with a flexible plugin architecture and can be used even on the Windows platform.

It comes featured with a huge library of various modifiers that make the modeling process for beginners. Not just this, but it uses both procedural modeling and direct manipulation to let your designs and models be flourished in the best possible way.

Moreover, Autodesk 3ds Max increases viewpoint performance with its perspective match tools, vector map support, and better particle system. Its compatible tools make your job much easier. This software is all there with its free pricing to be used for 3D rendering.


  • Autodesk 3ds Max comes with low latency and crashes count.
  • Its interface is attractive, open, and easy to use.
  • You get to make complicated models in a pretty simple way.
  • It comes with user-created scripts and plugins.


  • Autodesk 3ds Max has limited animation tools.
  • It has an outdated physics system.


It has a free version and a paid version that costs $1,700 /year.

6. Lightwave 3D

Lightwave 3D Rendering Software

The last 3D rendering software that we have got on our list is Lightwave 3D. It combines a state of art render with power animation, intuitive, and modeling tools. This software has developed quite a name when talking about sci-fi TCV. It operates ass two apps, Layout for lightning, rendering, texturing, and animation and Modeler for building assets.

Moreover, this software has a very impressive history in the fields of digital matte painting, motion graphics, visual effects, film, video game department, virtual production, architectural visualization, and advertising. Ever since then it has been at the top as far as the features and functions are concerned.

Lightwave 3D has an attractive and smooth interface that is why it’s been the best choice for professionals. It has a fast and interactive FBR render.


  • Lightwave 3D has a nice modeling workflow.
  • This software is pretty easy to use and learn.
  • It features a progressive rendering preview.


  • Because it’s being used for years it has too many features which could be confusing.
  • It requires to have support for every new feature.


Lightwave 3D comes at a price of $995 per year.

Wrap Up – Best 3D Rendering Software

We have had a detailed discussion about the best 3D rendering software. If you have been using some outdated software the given list could prove really helpful for you in boosting your skills and taking your business to another level.

The list contains free as well as paid software, Therefore, if you are budget conscious you could go for LuxCoreRender, Blender, or Autodesk 3ds Max. However, if you want to spend on your profession you can go for reaming three software.

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